Network Telemetry and Analytics Solution for Data Center Managers

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FlowEye offers Al-driven real-time analytics to help data center managers increase performance.

Automated data center networking software provider Kaloom has launched flowEye, an AI-powered network telemetry and analytics solution. It uses comprehensive analytics, monitoring, and troubleshooting tools to help data center managers increase performance and decrease OPEX.

Network telemetry, analytics, and automation offer great potential to improve data center operations and strengthen application deliveries. Kaloom’s flowEye innovations increase the ability to achieve those goals.

The company’s forward-looking approach to analytics and automation in data center environments led to the development of flowEye. With functions programmable into data center resources enables faster outputs from its analytics. The solution costs less because centers don’t require additional equipment.

An AI-Driven Real-Time In-Band Network Telemetry Solution

Today packets travel through a complex virtual system infrastructure that includes, routers, gateways, controllers, security, and many other components, all of which could be housed on different hardware.

Traditional telemetry and analytics methods can’t provide real-time visibility of the diverse data streaming through virtual infrastructure. This complex system includes routers, gateways, controllers, security, and other components often housed on different software. flowEye traces packet routes to give insight into:

  • Where packets have been
  • Packets’ impacts on physical and virtual components
  • Number of hops packets take in their travels

End users utilize this information to build fully automated data centers and closed loop systems that include analytics and self-healing remediation. This approach allows data centers to instantly correct traffic handling anomalies, network breaks and also scale resources according to demand.

flowEye allows real-time advanced packet tracing in lieu of traditional tracing which relies on synthetic or statistical sampling and packet probing protocols. flowEye’s approach supports root cause analysis which provides the insights needed for corrective action on problems before they occur.

Multiple Dashboard Options

The system analyzes data collected from the trace and presents it in a dashboard with several different views:

  • Spatial for a full network view hop-by-hop
  • Temporal for drilling down into specific issues in real-time
  • Geo for determining the location of critical issues
  • Cards for SLA and KPI details such as jitter, packet loss, and latency

The analytics tools allow data visualization and predictive analytics across multi-data center environments.

“Our automated real-time monitoring, analytics and troubleshooting capabilities will change the way data centers are currently managed. Until now, customers have been using expensive additional equipment that adds to the cost and latency of monitoring the network state. Also, they have been doing so on sampled or synthetic traffic, not on the actual traffic, and not even close to real time. Kaloom has taken a unique approach and can now provide an industry-first, real-time visibility of the packets and flows for the actual traffic, thus guaranteeing optimum operational visibility for data centers,” says Suresh Krishnan, Kaloom’s CTO.

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