OnePlus to Acquire SmartBin, Expand Smart Waste Control


A wider role for the IoT in waste management?

OnePlus Corp, a provider of remote waste monitoring systems, announced May 31 that they have agreed to acquire SmartBin, a Dublin-based provider of IoT solutions for waste management.

SmartBin makes sensors and software that monitor garbage levels in dumpsters and other containers. Trucks can be dispatched when fill levels are detected.

“With the acquisition of SmartBin, we’re not only able to expand our footprint globally, but our solution offering as well,” Klaus Voss, OnePlus CEO, said in a press release. “SmartBin’s technology perfectly complements our own and will enable OnePlus to service smaller waste receptacles like bins, dumpsters and liquid containers, creating a one-stop solution for all waste management needs.”

SmartBin says it has deployed several thousand sensors to more than 100 customers in over 25 countries. By optimizing waste collection, SmartBin claims it delivers savings of up to 50 percent to customers.

SmartBin also announced the release of its newest product, the Metro series of sensors, which can monitor general waste and recycling, organic waste, and waste oil. The product is designed to integrate with a variety of smart city applications for underground and surface containers.

“Cities and customers who use Metro’s intelligent waste monitoring solution can realize a meaningful ROI within days of device deployment,” Klaus Voss, CEO of OnePlus, claimed in the announcement.

SmartBin can optimize collection routes and create performance reports. The announcement was made at IFAT, a leading trade show for the water, sewage, waste and raw materials management industry.


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