OpenText Magellan Aims to Democratize Artificial Intelligence


OpenText launches new artificial intelligence platform by leveraging open standards.

OpenText Magellan Aims to Democratize Artificial Intelligence Enterprise information management (EIM) services provider OpenText announced yesterday that its new AI platform, OpenText Magellan, is now available. According to the company, OpenText Magellan is a flexible AI and analytics platform that combines open source machine learning with advanced analytics and the capabilities to acquire, merge, manage and analyze big data and content.

OpenText Magellan was first demonstrated at OpenText Enterprise World 2017. Designed to be easily integrated across any EIM architecture, it’s touted as offering affordable machine-assisted decision making, automation and business optimization. OpenText Magellan is powered by OpenText Analytics and Apache Spark and is designed to handle massive amounts of structured and unstructured data.

Finding insight in unstructured data

“Data is the feedstock of AI, and unstructured data in particular, is where the hidden insights lie; insights into customer intent, employee behavior, partner’s contractual obligations and litigants’ evidence,” said Nick Patience, founder & research vice president, 451 Research. “The ability to ingest, analyze and understand vast quantities of data – combining structured with unstructured – is now possible using AI-driven platforms and applications. Companies that understand this will gain advantages over those that don’t and equip themselves for the AI-driven economy.”

The company says the platform is designed for multiple use cases such as the following:

  • Leverage machine learning to unlock the value of EIM data by analyzing customers, trading partners, employees, orders, invoices, cases, documents and other data managed in these systems.
  • Deliver value from AI faster and cost-effectively by deploying a cohesive platform with pre-integrated components to minimize the effort and expertise required to go live.
  • Democratize access to AI by empowering data scientists to create custom algorithms for use by business analysts and operational users.
  • Use an open-source, Apache Spark-based platform to automatically derive the most current and complete insights from big data and EIM Content to achieve optimal outcomes.
  • Augment applications automatically with fast, self-service analytics, empowering business users to delve deep into massive amounts of data and derive actionable insight.

OpenText Magellan is part of the OpenText EIM portfolio, joining established services including Content Suite, Process Suite, Experience Suite, Analytics Suite, Discovery Suite and Business Network. The company’s offerings are available for cloud, on-site and hybrid deployments.



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