Oracle Brings Smart Grid and IoT Management to the Cloud


Oracle Utilities Operational Device Cloud Service is designed to help utilities to automate grid assets and devices, such as for asset performance management.

The IoT is changing the way that utilities do business. In the United States alone there are more than 70 million smart meters installed, and deployment of field sensors is now on the rise as well.

To help utilities manage their IoT devices, Oracle has launched Oracle Utilities Operational Device Cloud (ODCS), a cloud-based version of their Operational Device Management Solution. Oracle touts the device cloud as scalable and future-proof.

“We’re in front of the dramatic shifts the utilities industry is experiencing, providing new technologies that meet the needs of our customers as they navigate this changing landscape,” said Rodger Smith, general manager and senior vice president for Oracle Utilities. “We’re committed to innovation, and to providing cloud solutions that make operational excellence a reality for electric, gas and water utilities worldwide.” 

The new offering is available as a stand-alone service and is designed to automate the management of IoT and smart grid devices. It can be combined with Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Management that can extend asset performance management to large scale device deployments, Oracle said. It provides insights into each devices health, location and upgrade status.  It can also be extended to cover customer-owned asset registrations for devices such as solar PVs and smart thermostats. Using the cloud can reduce operational costs, Oracle said.

OCDS can be added to Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Cloud Service and Oracle Utilities Meter Data Analytics Cloud Service or used as a stand-alone application.


Use cases: asset performance management

Industry insights: real-time analytics and energy

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