Qlik Expands Partnership With Google Cloud


They’ll offer a new cloud service to enable real-time data warehousing of SAP data.

Qlik announced that it has expanded its partnership with Google Cloud. This partnership includes a new joint solution that allows customers to enable real-time data warehousing of SAP data. This solution accelerates and simplifies SAP data delivery for real time analytics on BigQuery.

The integrated solution ingests and automates delivery of analytics-ready SAP data from SAP HANA, SAP application servers, and SAP legacy environments into BigQuery.

“Organizations increasingly need to drive business value from their SAP data. We’re excited to partner with Qlik to help them do so with Google Cloud,” says Manvinder Singh, Director, Partnerships at Google Cloud. “Customers can leverage this solution from Qlik to accelerate the migration of data from SAP to Google Cloud and BigQuery, and ultimately to drive faster, data-informed decision-making.”

Google Cloud customers can use this solution to deploy with Qlik Data Integration. The program provides an automated real-time data pipeline that gathers and automates the delivery of analytics-ready SAP data to BigQuery.

Accelerated & Simplified Data Delivery

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Qlik for Google Cloud’s solution accelerates and simplifies SAP data delivery for real-time analytics on BigQuery. The program facilitates data delivery —via Qlik Data Integration — from legacy SAP environments, SAP HANA, or SAP application servers.

Solution Benefits

Qlik’s new solution offers a host of valuable benefits that include:

  • Rapid SAP data on-boarding and accelerated streaming into Google Cloud
  • Real-time and continuous data replication from SAP applications to BigQuery
  • SAP data replication with minimal overhead on SAP systems
  • Support for a range of SAP application data sources in a single solution
  • Data integration and automation that reduces resource requirements for initial delivery and ongoing maintenance

“Cloud data warehouses like BigQuery can enable customers to unlock value from their core business data,” says Itamar Ankorion, SVP Technology Alliances at Qlik. “As a premier partner and certified for our expertise on SAP data, the integration of Google Cloud and Qlik will help with real-time extraction and delivery of any type of data for analysis. This joint solution will help customers see increased benefit from BigQuery with wider use of SAP data alongside other data sources for impact across their organization.”

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