Real-time Analytics News for the Week Ending September 9


In this week’s real-time analytics news: IBM announced plans for new generative AI foundation models and enhancements coming to watsonx.

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IBM announced plans for new generative AI foundation models and enhancements coming to watsonx. These enhancements include a technical preview for watsonx.governance, new generative AI data services coming to, and the planned integration of foundation models across select software and infrastructure products. The new IBM and third-party generative AI models coming to include Granite series models and third-party models, including Meta’s Llama 2-chat 70 billion parameter model and the StarCoder LLM for code generation in on IBM Cloud.

Additionally, IBM announced plans to launch new capabilities across the watsonx platform. Enhancements in different platform areas include:

  • Tuning studio: IBM plans to release the first iteration of its Tuning Studio, which will include prompt tuning – an efficient, low-cost way for clients to adapt foundation models to their downstream tasks with their own enterprise data. (Planned availability 3Q23)
  • Synthetic data generator: IBM launched a synthetic data generator to assist users in creating artificial tabular data sets from custom data schemas or internal data sets. (Available now)

  • Generative AI: IBM plans to infuse generative AI capabilities in to help users discover, augment, visualize, and refine data for AI through a self-service experience powered by a conversational, natural language interface. (Planned tech preview 4Q 2023)
  • Vector database capability: IBM plans to integrate a vector database capability into to support retrieval augmented generation use cases. (Planned tech preview 4Q 2023)


  • Model risk governance for generative AI: IBM is launching a tech preview for watsonx.governance. Clients in the tech preview will be able to explore capabilities for automated collection and documentation of foundation model details and model risk governance capabilities that allow stakeholders to view relevant metrics in dashboards of their enterprise-wide AI workflows with approvals, so humans are engaged at the right times.

In other company news, IBM announced the expansion of the IBM Cloud Security and Compliance Center, a suite of modernized cloud security and compliance solutions designed to help enterprises mitigate risk and protect data across their hybrid, multi-cloud environments and workloads. The solution suite helps to support the resiliency, performance, security, and compliance needs of businesses while helping to minimize operational costs.  

Real-time analytics news in brief

Anaconda announced the public release of Anaconda Assistant, an AI-powered Jupyter notebook extension. Key features of Anaconda Assistant include natural language conversations, seamless integration within notebooks, code explanations, and debugging. Additionally, Anaconda Assistant is designed to assist with various tasks across a wide range of domains. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Analyze, visualize, and preprocess data more efficiently.
  • Generate and create graphs using natural language.
  • Explain, comment, or refactor code.

Braze unveiled new and enhanced data features, partnerships, and functionality to help brands streamline data integration. Leveraging these advancements, brands will be able to easily access and activate first-party data quickly to power personalized customer engagement strategies. In addition, Braze announced the expansion of its Cloud Data Ingestion offering integrations with Amazon Redshift from Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, and Google BigQuery, making it easier to directly access data in Braze.

C3 AI announced the launch of the C3 Generative AI Suite, including 28 new domain-specific generative AI offerings available to address the unique needs of industries, business processes, and enterprise systems. The new offerings combine C3 AI’s deep enterprise domain and industry expertise with the latest innovations in generative AI.

D2iQ announced updates to its multi-cluster Kubernetes management platform, D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP). DKP 2.6 features the new DKP AI Navigator, an AI assistant that enables enterprise organizations to overcome the skills gap. DKP AI Navigator has been trained on D2iQ’s internal knowledge base, enabling customers to ask questions and receive real-time responses in a natural, intuitive way.

EnterpriseDB (EDB) announced that it is making Trusted Postgres Architect (TPA) available as a new open-source tool accessible to all PostgreSQL users. This deployment automation and configuration management tool streamlines the setup of High Availability (HA) Postgres clusters, helping organizations effortlessly deploy robust, production-ready clusters while saving time and reducing the chance of errors.

InfluxData announced InfluxDB Clustered, its self-managed time series database for on-premises or private cloud deployments. InfluxDB Clustered is the evolution of InfluxDB Enterprise, InfluxData’s long-standing enterprise software product for on-premises and private cloud environments. With the release of InfluxDB Clustered, customers gain all the capabilities of the reimagined InfluxDB 3.0, but now specifically packaged and configured for their own unique hosting environments and data storage requirements.

Mezmo announced its new Welcome Pipeline, which enables organizations to understand its Kubernetes telemetry data in less than five minutes. The Welcome Pipeline delivers actional insights, is quick and easy to set up, integrates with popular data observability tools like Datadog and Grafana, and can be used with other visualization tools.

Opendatasoft announced a new data collection form feature. This enables faster, easier real-time data collection, with users able to quickly create, edit, customize, and share forms through the Opendatasoft platform without requiring technical skills or solutions. Once forms have been published, any collected data automatically enriches existing datasets on the organization’s data portal or creates new datasets.

SecurityBridge announced its Privileged Access Management (PAM) module, part of the SecurityBridge Platform. The new module brings a streamlined approach to PAM and Superuser Tracking to simplify SAP security. To that end, the PAM module is a self-service app that leverages a named user to request privileged access sessions while hyperlogging all actions. In addition, the SAP admin can request a privileged access session via the self-service app to execute actions under their user name, with heightened security to closely monitor essential superuser activities.

Starburst extended its support for Python with PyStarburst and announced a new integration with the open-source Python library Ibis, built in collaboration with Ibis maintainer Voltron Data. For Starburst and Trino developers and data engineers, this announcement means that they no longer need to offload data to frameworks like PySpark and Snowpark to handle complex transformation workloads. Instead, teams can leverage a single MPP engine for both their analytical and transformation workloads.

Partnerships, collaborations, and more

Airbyte announced an integration with Datadog to give customers the ability to monitor and analyze data pipelines with extensive reporting of nearly 50 metrics – at no additional cost. The integration of Airbyte Self-Managed with Datadog’s capabilities helps organizations observe the health of their business-critical data pipelines by providing an overview of the overall performance of Airbyte data pipelines from a centralized location; detection and instant alerts on failing syncs or connections; and notifications on long-running jobs, which could indicate latency issues.

Cloudera announced that it has signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS). Through this agreement, Cloudera will leverage AWS services to deliver continuous innovation and lower costs to customers with Cloudera open data lakehouse on AWS for trusted enterprise generative AI.

DE-CIX announced an exclusive partnership with Data Center to help power the growing need for compute power for AI and high-performance computing workloads. The collaboration brings together the interconnection capabilities of DE-CIX and DCX’s state-of-the-art hyper-density data center in the Phoenix area. For DCX, this will enhance its interconnection options and provide customers with greater access to DE-CIX’s interconnection platform, enabling direct connectivity to over 300 networks in the US and thousands of networks globally.

InterVision announced that it has signed a multi-year Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The collaboration with AWS helps InterVision expand and accelerate cloud adoption and modernization across its public sector and commercial customer base. To that end, InterVision leverages its technical expertise and AWS solutions to build, implement, and deliver cloud-based solutions. An example includes Amazon Connect, where InterVision’s ConnectIV CX augments the native features of Amazon Connect with customizations such as a unified agent desktop, detailed analytics, executive-level reporting, and dashboards. announced the integration of its Experience Optimization (XO) Platform with Zoom Contact Center. The integration with the XO platform helps businesses develop and launch IVAs that can automate customer interactions and provide 24/7 access, resolve user questions and tasks, and even transfer the customer to a human agent on Zoom for complex queries or high-value transactions.

LTIMindtree launched two industry solutions, AdSpark and Smart Service Operations, to accelerate the time-to-market for businesses on the Salesforce platform. AdSpark, powered by LTIMindtree and Salesforce, is designed for the retail industry and offers self-service capabilities, delivering 360-degree real-time campaign performance analytics across all channels and seamless integrations with top Adtech servers. Smart Service Operations combines the power of Salesforce Service Cloud1, including Salesforce Field Service and the LTIMindtree NxT Platform, to address some common industry priorities like improving the efficiency of operations and processing difficult-to-capture and complex data.

Metazoa announced the launch of Intelligent Assistant on the Salesforce AppExchange. This product includes Metadata Studio and Intelligent Search. These new tools give Metazoa customers the ability to virtually expand their administrative headcount using artificial intelligence. In particular, Salesforce admins can now leverage AI to remove technical debt, optimize security, improve compliance, increase productivity, and lower the cost of ownership.

OVHcloud US has launched Nutanix on OVHcloud Bring Your Own License (BYOL) service, providing pre-configured Nutanix Cloud Platform on OVHcloud dedicated servers in just a few hours. Nutanix enables OVHcloud US hybrid multi-cloud solutions and expands its Hosted Private Cloud offerings for faster migration from on-premise to the cloud on a scalable, high-performing, and easy-to-use private cloud platform.

PolyAI announced that its Customer-Led Voice Assistant is now available on the Genesys AppFoundry. PolyAI’s customer-led voice assistants are engineered to achieve higher levels of accurate resolution over the phone and more precise call routing regardless of factors such as accents, language, and background noise. PolyAI makes it easy for Genesys customers to launch voice assistants built on the latest Generative AI and Large Language Model technologies to accelerate their digital transformation.

Red Hat announced that Red Hat OpenShift is now available in AWS Marketplace for the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC). That is intended to help government agencies accelerate cloud-native innovation while addressing stringent security requirements. 

Rocket Software announced it has acquired B.O.S. B.O.S.’s flagship product, tcVISION, now called Rocket Data Replicate and Sync, will join Rocket Software’s portfolio. The combination of Rocket Software’s existing solutions and B.O.S.’s technology will allow organizations to leverage advanced tools, including machine learning and analytics engines, in cloud environments using mainframe data in real time without needing to rewrite all their applications to run on the cloud.

Tamr announced a partnership with Google Cloud to launch Data & AI Cloud for Industries, starting with Data & AI Cloud for Marketing. The combination of Tamr’s expertise in unifying large amounts of disparate data sources quickly and accurately with Google Cloud’s expansive cloud offerings will transform how marketers approach their data as a product.

Tuya Smart has jointly established a “Collaborative Security Lab” with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The collaboration will primarily focus on advancing security technology across four key domains: privacy computing, Matter PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), DevSecOps, and international data compliance.

Vaultree announced its collaboration with Google Cloud SQL and that they have successfully achieved Google Cloud Ready – Cloud SQL designation. With the integration of Vaultree’s Fully Functional Data In Use Encryption (FFDUE) into Google Cloud SQL, businesses can be assured of a high level of data security in the cloud.

Wibu-Systems USA, a subsidiary of WIBU-SYSTEMS AG, announced its membership in the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), the North American automation trade association. Wibu-Systems USA has joined the association to share its specialized knowledge in industrial software security solutions, helping manufacturers address the significant challenges presented by the digital transformation of the industry. The task of safeguarding invaluable digital intellectual property and diligently managing software security risks has become paramount, requiring ongoing vigilance as malicious threats evolve.

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