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NVIDIA introduced the NVIDIA IGX platform for high-precision edge AI, bringing advanced security and proactive safety to sensitive industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare.

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NVIDIA introduced the NVIDIA IGX platform for high-precision edge AI, bringing advanced security and proactive safety to sensitive industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare. In the past, such industries required costly solutions custom-built for specific use cases, but the IGX platform is easily programmable and configurable to suit different needs. For manufacturing and logistics, IGX provides an additional layer of safety in highly regulated physical-world factories and warehouses. Similarly, for medical edge AI use cases, IGX delivers secure, low-latency AI inference to address the clinical demand for instantaneous insights from instruments and sensors for medical procedures.

HEAVY.AI announced HeavyRF, an extension of the company’s deep analytics platform that uses NVIDIA Omniverse to create digital twins that help telco network operators speed deployments of wireless networks. HeavyRF allows telcos to review historic and current network-performance data as they test site-configuration scenarios against physical impediments, such as trees and dense buildings. It uses GPU-accelerated analytics to seamlessly combine customer-demographic and behavioral data with real-time geophysical mapping.

HiveMQ announced the availability of the HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for Google Cloud Pub/Sub, a new feature that seamlessly integrates MQTT data into Google Cloud. Google recently announced plans to retire Google IoT Core, leaving customers with less than a year to migrate their IoT applications to a new service. HiveMQ can replace IoT Core’s MQTT data ingestion service to connect MQTT clients using HiveMQ’s MQTT broker and then map the MQTT message into Google Pub/Sub. With that in mind, HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for Google Cloud Pub/Sub offers the following capabilities:

  • Authenticate data using Google Cloud service accounts or WIF tokens, and integrate multiple Google Cloud projects
  • Seamlessly transfer data between Google Cloud Pub/Sub and the HiveMQ broker with MQTT to Google Pub/Sub topic mapping
  • Aggregate and distribute messages between the HiveMQ broker and Google Pub/Sub on a per-message basis
  • Convert MQTT user properties to Pub/Sub attributes and vice-versa using a powerful configuration framework to retain data between the HiveMQ broker and Google Cloud
  • Automatically add MQTT-specific flags such as QoS and retained messages to Pub/Sub messages ingested from Google Cloud
  • Utilize a transformer pipeline to perform additional manipulation of messages in either direction at runtime.

Salesforce unveiled Salesforce Genie, a hyperscale real-time data platform that powers the entire Salesforce Customer 360 platform. With Genie, every company can leverage data, delivering seamless, highly personalized experiences across sales, service, marketing, and commerce that continuously adapt to changing customer information and needs in real time.

In other Salesforce news, the company announced new integrations between the Salesforce Platform and Amazon SageMaker. The integrations will enable customers to use Amazon SageMaker, AWS’s machine learning (ML) modeling service, alongside Einstein, Salesforce’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology, to build new AI models tailored to the unique needs of their business – and use them in real time across the Customer 360.

TDengine released TDengine Cloud, a fully managed, open-source cloud time-series data platform. TDengine Cloud lets organizations easily start, operate, and scale the TDengine time-series data platform in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Released as open-source software in 2019, TDengine has more than 154,000 instances across 50 countries worldwide. The TDengine Data Platform combines a database with caching, stream processing, and data subscription as a complete, purpose-built solution for time-series data.

CloudFabrix announced the availability of Composable Analytics, with persona-based Dashboards and Workflows, Recommendation Engine and Observability, and AIOps Synthesizer to enhance visibility, build trust and automate workflows. The solution seamlessly integrates AIOps workflows in a company’s operating model and builds trust in Data Automation and Observability pipelines by simulating synthetic errors before launching in production. The AIOps Operating model brings the visibility, agility, and scale to handle operations by empowering self-service personas with dynamic and interactive, Composable Dashboards. 

Findability Sciences announced the launch of Findability.Accelerate, which provides the tools and framework necessary to equip enterprises to become ‘AI-ready’ and expedite their AI journey. Findability.Accelerate mitigates common data issues by providing an information architecture (IA) or IA (data) powered by products and solutions built on all major data platforms to ease migration. In addition, the platform also offers a customized, comprehensive report to unify data for AI, as well as provides plugins for data migration and machine learning.

Quest Software announced the public beta of SharePlex for PostgreSQL. SharePlex is a database management and replication solution designed to help customers ensure high availability and facilitate the movement of data between platforms. Specifically, SharePlex for PostgreSQL allows users to bi-directionally replicate from PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL, automatically fix out-of-sync conditions with conflict resolution, replication from PostgreSQL to Oracle, and publish PostgreSQL changes to Kafka for real-time analytics and integrations.

Imply, the company founded by the original creators of Apache Druid, unveiled the second milestone in Project Shapeshift, the 12-month initiative designed to solve the most pressing issues developers face when building analytics applications. This milestone includes a multi-stage query engine for Apache Druid; Imply’s Total Value Guarantee, a global guarantee for Apache Druid users that shows how the Imply subscription is effectively free for qualified participants; and continued momentum for Imply Polaris, the cloud database service built from Apache Druid. With respect to Apache Druid, Imply announced its contribution to the multi-stage query engine in Apache Druid 24.0, offering simplified and accelerated batch ingestion, SQL-based in-database transformation, and a foundation for expanded ecosystem support.

Real-time analytics news in brief

MathWorks has unveiled Release 2022b (R2022b) of the MATLAB and Simulink product families. R2022b introduces two new products and several enhanced features that simplify and automate Model-Based Design for engineers and researchers. R2022b also features the new Medical Imaging Toolbox. The toolbox provides tools for medical imaging applications to design, test, and deploy diagnostic and radiomics algorithms that use deep learning networks. 

Altair announced the latest updates to its simulation portfolio, Simulation 2022.1. These updates enable more efficient, innovative products by applying advanced simulation, cloud-based computing, and optimization for cleaner, more sustainable product lifecycles. Simulation 2022.1 helps companies meet corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives, drive better, earlier design decisions, and brings the power of open-source technology to users around the world.

Fivetran announced the availability of its Metadata API to enable the tracking of data “in-flight” from source to destination as it moves through Fivetran-managed pipelines. With this additional visibility, customers can integrate with governance and observability tools to give data teams more control over who has access to what data. Enabling automated data governance, the Fivetran Metadata API also provides the needed visibility to answer where the data came from, who accessed it, and what changes have occurred in the pipeline.

CrowdStrike introduced the Falcon LogScale module, which enables organizations to log all their data and get answers in real time and at scale. Falcon LogScale is the next evolution of Humio, which was acquired by CrowdStrike in March 2021. In addition, CrowdStrike also introduced Falcon Complete LogScale, a fully managed service that brings together the power of Falcon LogScale and the deep expertise of Falcon Complete (Managed Detection and Response) for highly personalized log management operations and tailored observability.

Starburst announced enhanced functionality for building and sharing data products built on global datasets. The new functionality is supported by Starburst Stargate. New data products functionality includes data product and dataset cloning, (private preview) data masking and cell-level filtering for data products and other data assets, exception-based policies for data products (and other assets), user experience improvements for managing data security policies at scale, and consistent governance that spans the entire product – from raw data to curated data products.

OpsMx announced a suite of software and services to enable more scalable and secure enterprise GitOps. The new OpsMx Enterprise for Argo and OpsMx Intelligent Software Delivery (ISD) for Argo products extend the capabilities provided by Argo, a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) open-source project for continuous software delivery in Kubernetes environments. OpsMx also brings to the Argo community best practices for “CD at Scale” gained from existing OpsMx customers. As a result, OpsMx offers an open platform to automate application deployments to any target platform – containers, virtual machines, and functions – on-premises and in a public cloud.

Ensono launched Ensono Flex Cloud Engineering, making it easier for enterprises to access a designated team of experts who deliver on four core capabilities that are critical in today’s maturing cloud environments: Agile Management, Cloud Platform Engineering, DevSecOps, and Containerization. Through Ensono Flex Cloud Engineering, clients have access to a wide range of engineering capabilities and cloud specialists, delivering greater levels of project output and faster realization of business outcomes. This new service extends an organization’s development and engineering efforts, creating a flexible and agile team delivering numerous benefits.

Ordr announced new capabilities and enhancements to its AI-powered platform to help organizations discover, gain essential context, and secure their connected devices everywhere. New integrations expand the more than 80 integrations within the Ordr Data Lake to empower organizations with a single source of truth about connected devices and assets in their on-prem, remote, data center, private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. In addition, enhancements have been made to Ordr’s automated segmentation capabilities that help organizations accelerate and scale adoption of a Zero Trust security posture to protect every connected device.

ServiceNow announced more solutions within the Now Platform Tokyo release designed to supercharge operational intelligence and trust. In addition to ServiceNow Vault, ServiceNow is releasing new AI-powered features and developer and risk management tools to help organizations operate more efficiently and power more resilient business models. New Tokyo solutions include task intelligence for customer service management, an automation center, DevOps Config that helps ensure DevOps teams can reduce outages caused by configuration changes, operational resilience management, and more.

UserTesting announced the availability of new test templates for the UserTesting Human Insight Platform that helps businesses establish confidence with customers over privacy policies and protocols. The UserTesting template bundle is designed to help organizations integrate customer perspectives into how they communicate their approach to data privacy. By doing so, they will build stronger consumer trust by establishing effective data privacy communications that improve comprehension and trust, straightforward privacy policy content and interactions in first visit prompts, and clear and easy-to-use data privacy settings.

Partnerships, collaborations, and more

Domino Data Lab announced two solutions with NVIDIA ecosystem partners that accelerate customers’ journeys towards hybrid MLOps. In one case, a new Domino integration with NVIDIA GPUs and NetApp data management and storage solutions will allow teams to run AI/ML workloads in either data centers or AWS without refactoring them. To support partners as they advance AI centers of excellence with full-stack solutions, Domino has also released an NVIDIA-validated reference architecture for integrating MLOps and on-premises NVIDIA DGX systems.

In related news, NetApp has validated Domino Nexus as a new solution supporting the Domino Enterprise MLOps Platform on Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP. Supporting evolving hybrid workload requirements, the new AWS Managed Service (AMS) solution will simplify the deployment and management of large-scale applications in hybrid real-time environments.

Coforge Limited announced a new alliance with Databricks. The two companies will support a cloud-based lakehouse platform that accelerates data-driven innovation for clients across several industries. Specifically, as a Databricks consulting and implementation partner, Coforge will help build industry-specific solutions and services for enterprises across the globe, leveraging Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform. As part of this alliance, Coforge and Databricks will cater to the wider data modernization challenges faced by customers across industries.

BigID announced native data security controls for Snowflake. It also announced it has become the first Snowflake partner to achieve Snowflake Ready Technology Validation in both “Data Security” and “Data Cataloging.” BigID provides Snowflake customers with simplified access control, a data-centric approach to data masking, and accelerated security controls to better manage and protect their data. With Snowflake Ready Technology Validation, these integrations make it easier than ever for joint customers to manage and protect their sensitive data in Snowflake Data Cloud.

Wallaroo Labs announced the availability of Wallaroo Enterprise Edition on Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Wallaroo’s model operations platform enables customers to easily operationalize ML Models with our purpose-built inference engine, advanced observability, and more. The company also announced the launch of its Air Gap Edge Deploy functionality to make it easy for enterprises to deploy and manage machine learning models at the edge in environments with no IP connectivity, such as oil derricks, gas pipelines, and transmission lines for Energy & Utilities; and autonomous equipment in Smart Manufacturing and Smart Agriculture.

Alation announced a strategic partnership with Fivetran that enables joint customers to find and understand the full context of their data in the modern data stack. The partnership, powered by the new Fivetran Metadata API (see above), unifies governed, trusted data from sources across an organization in one single view. As a result, data visibility increases and drives higher-quality data pipelines and better decision-making.

Dataminr announced that Dataminr Pulse is now available in AWS Marketplace (AWS). As a result, AWS customers can now quickly and easily purchase Dataminr Pulse through AWS Marketplace using their committed cloud spend. Dataminr has also been accepted into the AWS Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Program, a co-sell program for organizations that provide software solutions that run on or work with AWS, which helps them drive new business and accelerate sales cycles by providing co-sell support.

Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, announced that it has joined the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). Canonical will help to develop new security and reliability open standards for the Internet of Things (IoT) and advocate for the role of open-source software in this domain. Canonical is the first company to join the Alliance that offers a major independent Linux distribution. By joining the Alliance, Canonical reinforces its commitment to advance IoT innovation and set new standards in the embedded Linux market. 

Kyndryl and Elastic announced an expanded global partnership to provide customers with full-stack observability, enabling them to accelerate their ability to search, analyze, and act on machine data stored across hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and edge computing environments. Under the partnership, Kyndryl and Elastic will collaborate on creating joint solutions and delivery capabilities designed to provide deep, frictionless observability at all levels of applications, services, and infrastructure.

Quest Software introduced more ways to simplify Microsoft 365 tenant migrations, making Quest On Demand Migration (ODM) available for purchase through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and adding capabilities for migrating devices to an Azure-only environment. This new offering enables IT teams to purchase ODM directly from Microsoft through the Azure Marketplace with a “buy now” option, resulting in a simplified procurement process. For those with Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitments, the cost of ODM can be applied against their Azure commitment.

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