Red Hat, Accenture Extend Hybrid Cloud Partnership


Red Hat and Accenture have extended their long-term cloud partnership, with new resources aimed at hybrid-cloud and edge computing solutions.

Open source solutions provider Red Hat and multinational consulting firm Accenture have announced an expansion of their long-term strategic partnership, with the aim of pursuing further innovations for open hybrid cloud development. 

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The two companies, which have had an arrangement for 12 years, will invest in the co-development of multi and hybrid cloud solutions, to help enterprises better navigate, define their strategy, and accelerate their pace of innovation. 

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“Our long-standing collaboration with Accenture means that customers have access to the open source solutions they need and expertise they can trust to navigate the complexities of open hybrid cloud and grow their business where it needs to be – in the cloud,” said Stefanie Chiras, senior vice president of ecosystem success at Red Hat. 

The initial focus of the investment will be in four main areas: 

  • Open hybrid cloud application and mainframe modernization – Accenture and Red Hat will invest in solutions that embrace holistic cloud strategies, taking into consideration legacy systems and the processes that need to occur to shift some of the business to the cloud. 
  • Automation – Fostering the use of automation tools on hybrid cloud technologies can reduce risk and lower the costs of IT operations. Red Hat and Accenture will work together to develop solutions which enable enterprises to take better advantage of these tools. 
  • Edge computing – As enterprises look to get as close to source as possible, edge computing will increasingly become the first point of contact between devices and the network. Red Hat and Accenture will invest in solutions that are focused on analyzing and processing data where it is generated. 
  • Sovereign cloud – Accenture and Red Hat will also invest resources into solutions which provide control of the location, access, and processing of their own data in the cloud. 

“Organizations are increasingly turning to hybrid cloud to help overcome complex challenges around core business functions like customer service and supply chain, and to drive growth and innovation,” said Raj Wickramasinghe, emerging platform lead at Accenture. “Through our expanded alliance with Red Hat, we can further help clients embrace the cloud continuum to enable greater operational efficiency and drive innovation.”

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