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In this week’s real-time analytics news: Oracle announced the general availability of MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse, which lets users query data in object storage as fast as querying data inside the database.

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Oracle announced the general availability of MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse, enabling customers to query data in object storage as fast as querying data inside the database. MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse supports a variety of object store file formats such as CSV, Parquet, and export files from other databases and can combine object storage file data and MySQL database transactional data together in the same query. Object store files are queried directly by HeatWave without copying the data into the MySQL database. As a result, MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse offers scalability and the needed performance for query processing, speed of loading data, cluster provisioning time, and automation to query data in object storage.

Salesforce announced general availability for Service GPT, Sales GPT, and the Einstein GPT Trust Layer, helping organizations with generative AI designed for enterprise security standards. Users can leverage Service GPT to auto-generate personalized replies and automatically summarize customer interactions for future reference, while Sales GPT users benefit from AI-generated, personalized customer emails based on contextual customer data stored in Salesforce. The Einstein GPT Trust Layer prevents customer data from being stored outside Salesforce, meaning prompts and responses are not stored by third-party LLM providers or used to train their models.

Real-time analytics news in brief

AI21 Labs launched Contextual Answers, a plug-and-play engine that organizations can seamlessly embed into their digital assets to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of information queries with generative AI. The engine provides businesses with LLM technology to instantaneously answer user questions about any organizational data.

CodeSee announced the launch of an AI-powered codebase understanding feature. The feature brings the power of generative AI to developers to reduce onboarding time for new engineers, improve efficiency in code refactoring, as well as increase productivity coding day-to-day.

DataStax announced the general availability (GA) of its vector search capability in Astra DB, its database-as-a-service (DBaaS) built on the open-source Apache Cassandra database. Customers using Astra DB for their AI initiatives benefit from the vector database’s global scale and availability, as well as its support for stringent enterprise-level requirements for managing sensitive data, including PHI, PCI, and PII. unveiled advancements in AI capabilities across its solutions that provide customers with enhanced software delivery capabilities and insights for better decision making. To that end, has enhanced each of its Predictive Intelligence solutions to help alleviate static information and lack of insights across the software delivery lifecycle to help predict risk, remove software delivery bottlenecks, and speed up CI/CD pipelines. Enhanced AI-powered intelligence capabilities include:

Fortanix announced an expansion of its ecosystem with its new Fortanix Data Masking and Tokenization Solution. Built as a seamless extension to Fortanix’s Data Security Manager (DSM) platform, the solution allows existing SaaS key management customers to embrace data masking and tokenization while allowing new customers to start off with that as a standalone use case.

InterVision announced the launch of its Data Modernization Services offering. The service is designed to enable organizations to modernize their data storage infrastructure and data services, leveraging the advanced features of Amazon Web Services (AWS) FSx and NetApp ONTAP storage technology efficiently and securely. Services include data migration; application modernization; business analytics, data visualization, discovery, and interpretation; predictive analytics, AI, and ML.; and more.

KNIME announced the latest release of the open-source KNIME Analytics Platform. The new version 5.1 features a modern interface, improved product onboarding, and a more intuitive way to build analytical workflows. With this release, KNIME also unveiled its first generative AI capabilities, including a new chatbot that answers questions and builds workflows.

Osano launched its multi-level Privacy Program Maturity Model alongside new Data Mapping capabilities to help organizations understand data, mitigate risks, and grow mature privacy programs. The Privacy Program Maturity Model serves as a framework and guide for privacy professionals to enhance their understanding and evaluate their privacy programs. New (automated) Data Mapping capabilities allow organizations to attain a holistic understanding of their data landscape. 

RightData announced DataMarket, a user-friendly way to act on all data within an organization. DataMarket works with any data source, data store, or analytics package. It provides an online shopping style experience to data consumers, allowing them to use natural language search to find data products, to see quality ratings and reviews from other users, and to see the details of the data product.

SIOS Technology Corp. announced the availability of its new professional services offerings. The new suite of offerings provides advanced guidance in the areas of Installation and Upgrade Services, Product Training, High Availability Validation Check Services, Standby Engineering Services, and Customized Professional Services.

SMA Technologies announced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities for its automation platform for financial services. OpCon RPA enables clients to easily record and automate UI-specific workflows in Windows or on the web, ensuring the smooth execution of financial services workflows that traditionally required manual intervention. The new offering fills the automation ‘last mile,’ extending the capabilities of OpCon into jobs traditionally requiring manual intervention, including interest rate adjustments, customer onboarding, and regulatory compliance.

Soracom announced three new services designed to help IoT deployments take advantage of the power and promise of generative AI (GenAI). These new services, named Soracom Query, Soracom Relay, and Soracom Harvest Data Intelligence, can work together or separately to analyze IoT device data on the fly or connect devices to the powerful AI/ML capabilities now available through leading hyperscale platforms.

Spectro Cloud announced its new Palette VerteX Edition and Spectro Cloud Government practice to meet the growing need for powerful management and security for Kubernetes (K8s) in the public sector. VerteX supports the environments and technology platforms essential to government workloads, including deploying Kubernetes clusters in AWS GovCloud and supporting Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Ubuntu LTS, and Ubuntu Pro as the managed OS layer. Support for Azure Government Cloud is coming later this year.

Splunk announced Splunk Edge Hub, a new solution that simplifies the ingestion and analysis of data generated by sensors, IoT devices, and industrial equipment. Supported by Splunk partner solutions and optimized to work with the Splunk platform’s predictive analytics, the solution enables advanced monitoring, investigation, and response, as well as more complete visibility across IT and OT environments.

UserTesting announced product updates to the UserTesting Human Insight Platform, the UserZoom UX Research Platform, and the EnjoyHQ Platform that make capturing and sharing insights easier and more actionable. The updates help boost an organization’s shared understanding of its customers for more informed decision making. 

WekaIO (WEKA) unveiled two new guarantees for WEKA Data Platform customers: the WEKA Half Price Guarantee for cloud deployments and the WEKA 2X Performance Guarantee for on-premises deployments. WEKA’s new cloud and on-premises guarantees allow customers to take advantage of the significant cost savings and uncompromising speed, simplicity, scale, and sustainability the WEKA Data Platform delivers with full confidence they will achieve its promised benefits.

Partnerships, collaborations, and more

Confluent launched a new partner program, Connect with Confluent, enabling Confluent’s partners to bring fully managed data streams directly to their customers through native integrations with Confluent Cloud. The new program provides users with a cloud-native and complete solution for Kafka that is available wherever data may reside—in the cloud, multi-cloud, or on-premises. The program is launching with support from many Confluent technology partners, including Arcion, AWS Lambda, Clickhouse, Elastic, Google Cloud, HiveMQ, Imply, Materialize, MongoDB, Onehouse, Precisely, Qlik, Quix, Rockset, Startree, Tinybird, and Waterstream.

Imply announced it has joined the Connect with Confluent partner program, an initiative designed to help organizations accelerate the development of real-time applications through native integrations with Confluent Cloud. This partnership brings together Imply and Confluent’s cloud-managed services for Druid and Apache Kafka. As a result, developers can stream millions of events per second from Confluent Cloud to Imply Polaris, with subsecond latency—making data instantly available for real-time analytics. Additionally, the partnership offers a connector-free experience where developers can ingest data from Confluent Cloud directly into Polaris without installing and managing a connector.

Rockset announced a partnership with Confluent as part of the Connect with Confluent partner program. The Connect with Confluent partner program enables close collaboration between Rockset and Confluent’s engineering, sales, and marketing teams to ensure customer success at every stage, from onboarding through technical support.

CareAR, a Xerox company, announced its newest distributorship agreement with Communication Business Avenue (CBA) and Nomura Research Institute (NRI). The agreement will deploy CareAR’s AI and AR technologies across a variety of industries and use cases, helping customers fulfill their digital transformation goals more quickly.

Graylog announced its acquisition of’s data-driven API security platform. The acquisition broadens Graylog’s security portfolio and delivers to enterprise customers a comprehensive API security Threat Detection and Incident Response platform to combat the evolving challenges in the API security landscape. The product will be named Graylog API Security.

MongoDB announced an expansion of a multiyear strategic partnership agreement with Microsoft. MongoDB and Microsoft are committing to a broad range of initiatives to make it easier for customers to advance their cloud adoption journeys, including easier access to MongoDB Atlas within the Microsoft commercial marketplace.

Opendatasoft announced that it has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Smart City Competency in the urban data platforms and insights category. This designation recognizes Opendatasoft as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member that helps customers build and deploy innovative Smart City solutions powered by AWS that make cities more accessible, livable, and sustainable for their citizens. 

Postman announced it has acquired Akita Software. Postman will integrate Akita’s API discovery and monitoring capabilities into its platform to deliver tooling to help organizations thrive in an API-first world. Postman and Akita’s first integrated product will be released for beta in fall 2023. 

Syniti announced that its Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP) is now available in AWS Marketplace. SKP running on AWS provides a data migration and quality platform hosted on a trusted cloud infrastructure. Shared customers can benefit from a singular cloud infrastructure, pay by volume, flexible data residency, and more.

TDengine announced that TDengine Cloud is available for purchase in AWS Marketplace. Additionally, the company announced that it has joined the AWS Partner Network (APN), a global community of partners working with AWS to provide programs, expertise, and resources to build, market, and sell customer offerings.

TheMathCompany announced a strategic partnership with Streamingo. By combining MathCo’s expertise in data analytics and engineering with Streamingo’s deep learning and computer vision knowledge, the partnership aims to deliver customized planogram solutions and amplify results in shelf analytics.

ThoughtSpot announced that it has completed its acquisition of Mode Analytics. Together, ThoughtSpot and Mode Analytics deliver a complete platform spanning the entire spectrum of modern BI needs, from ad hoc novel analysis with a code-first approach to natural language, self-service exploration, and AI-driven monitoring.

Wallaroo.AI announced a strategic collaboration with Ampere Computing to create optimized hardware/software solutions that provide reduced energy consumption, greater efficiency, and lower cost per inference for cloud artificial intelligence (AI). One of the key advantages of the collaboration is the integration of Ampere’s built-in AI acceleration technology and Wallaroo.AI’s highly-efficient Inference Server, part of the Wallaroo Enterprise Edition platform for production ML.

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