RSA Acquires Israeli Behavioral Analytics Firm Fortscale


The move is intended to improve the company’s RSA Netwitness software.

Israeli-based security firm has acquired behavioral analytics company Fortscale. The company said it made the move to improve it’s RSA Netwitness software. It intends to upgrade it with a machine learning tool for automating threat response as well as new user and entity behavioral analytics using Fortscale’s technologies.

Fortscale’s offerings use machine learning and algorithms to detected odd employee/customer behavior, malicious traffic, and other risks. Their analytics systems are designed to help security staff and enterprises spot problem behavior without having to spend precious time going through thousands of alerts.

“Adding more security monitoring and prevention tools is a common response to the growing digital risk environment, but too often, the influx of data creates unattended alerts, overwhelming analysts,” said Michael Adler, Vice President of the RSA NetWitness Platform team. “The new UEBA and orchestration capabilities in RSA NetWitness Platform provide heightened visibility and analytics, allowing analysts to keep up with their SIEM data, investigate issues, and automate threat responses, all on a single integrated platform.”

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Massachusetts-based RSA is an enterprise security firm that serves companies in the telecommunication, financial, technology, and manufacturing sectors. The acquisition of Fortscale will allow them to include UEBA tools in an updated version of their NetWitness 11.1 platform. It will also support inventory scans, behavioral profiling, endpoint management and log visibility based on dynamic parsing. The machine learning functionality will allow the platform to identify the best course of action when suspicious activity is detected, suggest analyst assignments and enhance playbooks. RSA has also introduced Netwitness UBA and Netwitness Orchestrator.

RSA NetWitness Platform 11.1 and NetWitness UEBA are available now. RSA NetWitness Orchestrator will be available later this month. The acquisition is subject to regulatory approval. Financial details were not disclosed.

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