SAS Launches IoT Analytics Platform


The SAS IoT analytics platform includes an event stream processing engine and data filtering.

SAS announced the launch of their new IoT analytics product on April 19 at their global conference in Las Vegas.

The platform is a collection of software products designed to help companies sift through massive amounts of IoT data more efficiently and with better insights.

According to SAS, an event stream processing engine can handle millions of pieces of data per minute with very low latency, and intelligent filtering sorts important data from the superfluous bits. Data can be analyzed anywhere on edge devices or in the cloud. The company used Finnish industrial crane manufacturer Konecranes as an example of the platform at work.

“The use of analytics supports our vision of knowing how millions of lifting devices and machine tools perform in real time,” said Juha Pankakoski, chief digital officer at Konecranes.

“We’ve gone from being able to predict failures on a single piece of equipment with data history for five variables for a few minutes, to predicting maintenance needs and failures for our entire equipment fleet with hundreds of variables and a data history as far back as four years.”

SAS stated that the IoT platform supports visualization, data integration and edge analytics, and is compatible with most hardware as well as with the cloud. It also supports embedded analytics and enables improved decision making with real-time insights and forecasts. The platform provides both ad-hoc and persistent data analysis, along with real-time alerts and reporting tools.

The goal of the new platform is to help customers who are struggling to see the value in IoT, according to SAS.


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