SignalFx Updates Real-Time Streaming Analytics Platform


Update is designed to make real-time analytics for IT monitoring easier.

SignalFx has announced an update to its SignalFlow real-time streaming analytics platform for IT monitoring. The update, announced June 1, includes more robust visualizations, pre-packaged analytics, and built-in detectors designed to spot anomalous behavior throughout IT equipment.

Instant visibility into the real-time status of your entire infrastructure, starting at the server level, is the first step towards speedy troubleshooting in the case of an observed performance change. It also enables the type of ad hoc exploration that leads to more proactive monitoring and alerting,” SignalFix stated in a blog post on their website.

The update consists of three key features:

Host Navigator — provides visualizations by app, region, service, cluster, and other categories and allows users to immediately view the right hosts, virtual machines, containers, processors, and alerts for the group they choose. Users can quickly isolate outliers and other anomalies on any level of the stack, according to SignalFx.

Outlier Detection — allows users enhanced ability to build their own detectors for anomalous behavior using SignalFlow and pre-packaged analytics. They can configure detectors for their specific needs and situations, and detectors can be based on any metric including historical data. The outlier detection feature is embedded with Host Navigator and has a constantly updated list of algorithms.

Built-in Detectors — To make it easy for those companies just starting out with a deployment, SignalFlow has added built in-detectors that users can configure and subscribe to, and pre-packaged alerts are available for all the platforms the company supports.


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