Splunk’s Latest Offering Tackles Complex Industrial IoT Data


Tackling the complex needs of manufacturing, energy and other big industrial clients, Splunk’s latest IoT offering helps get your data ducks in a row.

Machine data analytics firm Splunk Inc. has debuted its first Internet of Things (IoT) solution, called Splunk Industrial Asset Intelligence (IAI), which will soon be available in a limited fashion to start.

Splunk IAI is designed to assist businesses with oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation, energy and utilities monitoring and analyzing industrial IoT data in real-time in order to establish a simple view of complex industrial programs, which aids in reducing asset downtime.

Across the globe, manufacturers are increasingly focusing on their IoT data to better manage and diagnose operational issues and predict upcoming maintenance needs. In fact, it is estimated that by 2025, over a quarter of data developed in the global datasphere will be real-time in nature, and 95% of this will consist of real-time IoT data.

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Following this huge increase in IoT data, industrial engineers and analysts are finding themselves overwhelmed by the amount of machine data that is produced today by disparate industrial control systems and sensors. Splunk IAI provides a packaged set of capabilities that assists customers with flipping their operational strategy from reactive to proactive.

“Real-time analytics is an absolute must for manufacturers today, but organizations are struggling to bridge the gap between legacy systems, industrial assets, and sensor data,” said Ammar Maraqa, senior vice president, business operations and strategy and general manager of IoT Markets at Splunk.

“Splunk IAI provides a single solution that helps ensure industrial systems are running at full,” he added.

Built on top of Splunk Enterprise, Splunk IAI enables the collection and correlation of data from sensors, Industrial Control Systems (ICS), SCADA systems and applications, making it simple to study and diagnose equipment and operational issues in real time. This data-driven solution to industrial operations issues allows customers to react to problems more quickly, without interrupting production, where unplanned downtime can cause a business to lose millions of dollars in revenue.

“Working with Splunk Industrial Asset Intelligence has helped us significantly reduce the time spent on troubleshooting equipment issues,” explained Ricardo Bicudo, vessel performance manager, Sapura Navegacao Maritima. “This is a key factor for our company strengthening our safety and operational standards.”

A limited availability release of Splunk IAI will be introduced on April 23, 2018 at the world’s leading industrial conference, Hannover Messe. General availability for all Splunk customers will begin this fall. To register for the limited availability release of Splunk Industrial Asset Intelligence, see the Splunk website.

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