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Stream Processing: Instant Insight Into Data As It Flows (eBook)


As the digital economy matures, the way data is processed is changing rapidly. Mobile applications, sensors, and other always-on technologies are constantly sending seemingly infinite streams of data. And enterprises need to process that data instantly—or as close to real time as possible.

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That’s where stream processing can help. Stream processing lets you sense, query, analyze, and process data as it flows. Depending on the application, the technology can detect conditions within as little as milliseconds—making it perfect for time-sensitive transactions such as payment processing, alerts, problem detection, and real-time analytics.

Yet many business and technology leaders believe they aren’t ready or able to adopt stream processing. They question whether their enterprises and IT infrastructures are prepared for the new paradigm, despite the superior processing power, speed, and results the technology enables. However, the introduction of new stream processing capabilities and tools that simplify deployment and reduce time to value is changing minds.

Think of it this way: Every day, customer expectations are rising. Stream processing can help you give customers what they want and expect, faster and more accurately than ever before.

To read more about stream processing, get the full eBook here: Full Story PDF.

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