Streamlio Heads to the Cloud With New Version of Apache Pulsar Fast-Data Platform


The new cloud-native service will initially run on top of Amazon Web Services infrastructure.

Commercial Apache Pulsar-based publish-and-subscribe platform developer Streamlio is headed to the cloud with its new cloud-native fast-data service.

The new service will initially run on top of AWS’ infrastructure and comes on the heels of the company’s December announcement of a community version of the platform that will be available as a native application for the Kubernetes software container orchestration manager running on Google’s Cloud Platform.

Pulsar, considered a rival to Apache Kafka, is a publish-and-subscribe messaging platform. It enables software applications to communicate with each other and share data in real time. By eliminating the need to extract, transact and load data first it allows apps to speed up information processing.

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The need to move data through a data lake or warehouse is also eliminated. The platform was developed at Yahoo and designed to combine high-performance streaming and message queuing into a single model and interface; it’s meant for shared consumption.

“Pulsar is better for workflow applications involving multiple users”, said Jon Bock, Streamlio’s vice president of marketing. “Pulsar better suited for a lot of analytic scenarios where you want to play back the history of data. You can transparently leverage cloud storage for long-term and very low-cost storage. It’s very simple for developers to do processing in motion without having to learn new frameworks.”

The company believes Pulsar is superior to Kafka for real-time applications and that the new cloud-native service will make Pulsar more accessible to organizations that are adopting real-time data and deployment models.

“Kafka’s strength is in aggregating logs, but today people are more interested in ‘Internet of Things’ data,” Bock said.

Customers can sign up now for the new cloud service with Streamlio handling configuration, deployment and management, the company said. It did not provide pricing information.

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