T-Mobile Announces Partnerships to Help Workplaces Fight Covid-19


They’ve joined forces with two companies to provide 4G LTE connectivity for safety technologies designed to monitor physical distancing and check for Covid-19 symptoms.

With Covid-19 not going away anytime soon, keeping workplaces and public places safe is a top priority. T-Mobile announced two new partnerships designed to provide 4G LTE technology to support safety technologies that work to detect Covid-19 and flu-like disease symptoms and ensure proper social distancing. The first is the PIMMAP contactless temperature monitor. Housed in an eight-inch HD tablet, it checks temperatures and scans for signs of fatigue, watery eyes, and other flu-like symptoms in people entering crowded or confined spaces like workplaces, schools,  hospitals, movie theatres, gyms, and train stations. The individual just needs to stand in front of the screen for one second. The venue can then decline entry to protect others.

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“We are excited to work with T-Mobile to wirelessly connect our PIMMAP solution – an idea born out of today’s current situation. The M10i, combined with our proprietary algorithm, will provide actionable insights to help inform business decisions when the time is right; as well as long-term maintenance of a safe environment,” said Anthony Kory, President at PIMMAP. “Our solution is relevant now and for all contagious diseases that exhibit flu-like symptoms.”

The second partnership is with Guardhat. T-Mobile will provide connectivity solutions for its wearables and sensor-driven hard hats. This industrial safety technology monitors social distancing and alerts workers if someone moves within six feet of them. Thanks to the IoT it is able to provide a complete field of vision for industrial and on-locations worksites to keep workers safe.

“The role of wireless connectivity from T-Mobile is an important one for the Guardhat solution,” said Kaushik Sarkar, Vice President and Head of Sales North America at Guardhat. “We are able to help employees stay safe at work using our technology ecosystem that locates individuals or machinery with precise accuracy using sensors to provide actionable intelligence to communicate directly with personnel about safety conditions, in real-time. Network reliability and broadband coverage from T-Mobile is a pivotal addition to our solution and allows us to expand our services.”

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