Teletrac Navman and FourKites’ New Supply Chain Integration

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The partnership combines FourKites’ real-time supply chain visibility and monitoring features with Teletrac’s fleet management software.

Supply chain solution provider Teletrac Navman announced a new integration with FourKites. The partnership combines FourKites’ real-time visibility and monitoring technology with Teletrac Navman’s fleet management software and federally-compliant ELD platform. Together, the companies will provide a comprehensive supply chain tracking and analytics solution for fleets and shippers.

The partnership uses Teletrac Navman APL framework, which allows both systems to share information and collaborate. End users receive data for maximum visibility of freight operations. Supply chain customers will have real-time updates about their freight’s current location and arrival at stops en route to the final destination.

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Supply Chain Management & Inventory Control

The integration offers key tools and metrics for managing notifications, reducing dwell times, eliminating potential detention fees, and providing real-time ETAs for diverse loads. The firm’s new “super-platform” includes several key features:

  • Minute-by-minute GPS tracking for live updates and real-time visibility of asset locations
  • Precise ETAs using predictive algorithms and GPS-ELD data to limit check-in calls and improve delivery times
  • In-vehicle, FMCSA-certified ELD logs that track driver on- and off-duty time, breaks, and daily drive time, and enable managers to plan daily hauls based on data
  • Intermodal coverage for over-the-road or rail-, train- and ocean-based operations
  • Two-way messaging for instant driver-dispatch communication, including manager-based routing, in-cab updates, signature capture, and DVIR for post- and pre-trip inspections
  • Driver and vehicle reporting for everything from engine diagnostics and fault codes to fuel economy, speeding, and idle time

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