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What’s the Roadmap to Data Visualization Success?


TIBCO has published a new report on the benefits of data virtualization to help you better understand this technology.

While data visualization is becoming critical to understanding and gleaning insight from large volumes of data, many enterprises don’t really know where to begin with this technology.

Understanding that knowledge gap, TIBCO has published a new report on the benefits of data virtualization, identifying when to use data virtualization and how businesses utilize it successfully.

TIBCO Data Virtualization software takes data from a wide range of sources, including SaaS applications, spreadsheets, and XML documents. It can then transform the data, which can be viewed in a single application by less tech-savvy business users.

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The increased volume of searchable and usable data gives organizations a more accurate overview of their customers and business. Business leaders are able to make smarter decisions, while competitors struggle to maintain the same level of awareness.

“Digital leaders, those in the top quartile of researchers’ digital transformation index, generate better gross margins as well as better earnings and net income than organizations in the bottom quarter,” said TIBCO in the paper. “Leaders post a three-year average gross margin of 55 percent, compared to just 37 percent for laggards.”

Alongside major improvements to insight, data virtualization is also far cheaper than other data management formats like data replication and consolidation. TIBCO claims costs could be reduced by as much as 75 percent compared to other data management solutions.

TIBCO provides a few examples for when an organization should consider data virtualization. These include: improving risk management; reducing time to market; acquiring insight worldwide and for organizations that rely on data warehouses or data marts.

Read more about data virtualization here: https://bit.ly/2SkLClP

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