Tibco Launches Project Flogo for IoT Integration


Tibco takes on IoT integration with an open-source project.

Data integration is one of their biggest challenges for Internet of Things projects, according to a survey Gartner published earlier this year.

Approximately 75 percent of respondents to the survey said they would use some kind of third-party platform for data integration. Tibco thinks their new offering can help, and on October 4, announced the availability of their open-source IoT framework, Project Flogo. Project Flogo is designed to simplify IoT integration and edge connectivity for enterprises and industry.

“When we started work on Project Flogo, we did it with the belief that there is a better way to perform integration tasks for IoT devices,” said Matt Quinn, executive vice president, products & technology, and CTO of TIBCO. “We’re pleased to release Project Flogo, and open source this technology to the developer community. We invite developers to leverage TIBCO’s expertise and decades of experience in integration to address the current challenges of integrating IoT solutions.”

Flogo offers a flow-based, web UI for building and deploying integration apps onto devices, the company stated. It has a light runtime footprint — an average of 50 times lighter than Java — and can run locally at the edge and in the cloud. With such a small footprint, device manufacturers and application developers can offload critical application computation to even the smallest of devices, Tibco said.

According to Tibco, moving integration applications directly onto IoT edge devices carries many benefits including the elimination of downtime. Systems will continue to function even when connectivity is problematic. Costs are reduced since data is selectively transmitted, and devices have improved real-time sense-and-response functionality, Tibco said.

The user design includes the first Stepback Debugger and the framework is 100 percent open source with a Golang SDK for creating custom extensions. It’s currently available for free at http://www.flogo.io/.


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