TigerGraph 2.0 Amps Up Graph Analytics


TigerGraph’s latest update to their graph analytics package enables better real-time analysis via easier setup and management and better encryption.

The world’s swiftest graph analytics platform for the enterprise, TigerGraph, has just introduced TigerGraph 2.0. This latest program will provide businesses with the fastest and most scalable graph analytics to date. The new platform offers a Multiple Graph feature, which is the first of its kind, and better-distributed system performance and security.

The company will be attending the upcoming Strata Data Conference — this March in San Jose — to share more about it. The founder of TigerGraph, Dr. Yu Xu, is scheduled to deliver a talk about the benefits of real-time deep link analytics at that conference.

“TigerGraph 2.0 delivers a new level of deployment ease and enterprise, allowing our customers to derive even deeper meanings from their connected data. This includes the Multiple Graph feature, making it easier for global organizations to allow different groups or individuals to gain more insight from the same graph while maintaining the highest levels of compliance. TigerGraph continues to offer enterprises the best solution for fast and scalable graph analytics – no matter how large or complex the dataset,” explains Dr. Yu Xu.

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More and more businesses are requiring real-time data to make informed decisions and be able to offer better customer experiences. Graph analytics in the new platform are optimized to provide new insight and intelligence that was previously impossible or difficult to find, which will allow enterprises to capture important business moments for a competitive advantage.

“Fine-grained user access control”

There are many added benefits shared in the new platform. TigerGraph 2.0 provides fine-grained user access control, for security, along with multiple tenancy to support multiple user communities. The program also provides streamlined setup and management, along with speeding up querying and data loading in distributed systems. TigerGraph also provides better security with encryption for data at rest and data in motion, as well as role-based access control.

“A real-time graph engine is essential to manage equipment in the power grid. TigerGraph’s real-time high-performance computational power, its scalability to process large graphs, and its flexible and powerful SDK enables my teams to develop vertical applications quickly and efficiently,” shares Guangyi Liu, CTO of GEIRI North America.

Within the field of data management, graph databases are the fastest growing category. Yet, most queries only traverse two hops in big graphs because of limitations within most graph databases. Real-world applications need deep link analytics that cover much more than three hops. TigerGraph 2.0 provides a fraud detection platform that manages 100 billion graph elements, which allows for better risk and fraud detection.

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