Verismice Relaunches IoT Device Management Suite


Verismice released a new cloud management suite featuring a centralized solution to track and manage IoT devices.

Cloud-based IT management technology provider Verimice has released a new version of their Cloud Management Suite featuring a centralized IoT device management and tracking feature. The new feature allows users to see which IoT devices are connected to their network.

There are thousands upon thousands of devices out there and it can be difficult to track which ones do and don’t belong on the network. Managing laptops, servers and desktops is no longer sufficient, the company says, now that anything with an IP address, from a mobile phone to a coffee machine, has the ability to tap into the network.

“Our IoT Device Management feature will solve the problem of visibility into the major vulnerabilities IoT devices present. You may be shocked to see the number of devices already connected to your network,” commented Ashley Leonard, CEO for Verismic Software. “Over time, your Cloud Management Suite archive data becomes progressively more meaningful as you see the number of managed devices rise.”

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“Suppose for security reasons you run your corporate servers and workstations with no access to the internet,” added Diane Roger, Chief Product Officer for Cloud Management Suite. “Unfortunately, even secure on-premise networks can be exposed. If an employee brings in a seemingly innocuous smart device, suddenly your isolated internal network is open to the internet and its ransomware attacks. Cloud Management Suite is a way to prevent that vulnerability.”

The new IoT tracking feature uses predictive analytics to spot trends and forecast risk. It sends out a “request for response” to pinpoint exactly what devices are active and communicating on your network, so you can decide whether to let them be or disconnect and block them. A free trial is available on Verimice’s website.

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