Vitria Announces Major Update to IoT Analytics Platform, VIA


VIA is designed to address the technical and business challenges associated with IoT.

Vitria Technology on Nov. 1 announced a major update to its Internet of Things analytics platform, VIA.

VIA is touted as a comprehensive analytics platform that accelerates the rapid design, development, and deployment of advanced real-time analytics against big IoT data. It leverages elastic cloud computing, fast analytics, and machine learning to apply the power of predictive and prescriptive analytics to IoT use cases.

Updates to the VIA platform include:

  • Self-service analytics and visualization tools.
  • Integrated predictive, prescriptive and descriptive data that uses both real-time and historical data.
  • An Open IoT Data Lake that supports both volume and variety when it comes to IoT data and uses elastic scalability.
  • A new Visual Flow Designer tool that enables developers to create analytics, processing flows without the need for coding, so that IoT solutions can be enabled in days, not months.

JoMei Chang, CEO of Vitria Technology, said in the press release that the VIA platform puts analytics in production so that companies and solution providers “can rapidly apply, execute, and maintain analytic intelligence in a scalable and repeatable way.” She added that “VIA’s scale is proven in large production environments with billions of events per day.”

“What network of devices, application or processes can’t benefit from smarter, faster and more automated, analytic driven behavior?” she said.

Partners and customers of Vitria at present include O2, TXU, Starbucks, and Schneider Electric. The platform has been used for customer experience management, supply chain optimization, predictive 1/1 marketing, smart meter management, and process monitoring and tracking.

Vitria VIA is available now.


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