Zoomdata Announces Major Update to Their Streaming Offering


Zoomdata has announced its January 2018 update, which includes a new streaming interface, improved smart tiering and performance enhancements.

Big data analytics company Zoomdata has announced a major update to its analytics platform. The update includes a new data streaming interface, enhanced smart tiering for analytic processing, and performance improvements for end-users.

The smart streaming interface is able to blend streamed and historical data to deliver real-time insights, according to the press release. Zoomdata says the interface “extends its lead in Modern Business Intelligence” by improving the ease-of-use and insights for customers.

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The analytics provider also claims it is the first visualization and analytics platform to be able to “connect, store and visualize data from any source”, including Apache Storm, Nifi, Spark Streaming, Google Cloud Dataflow, SQLstream, and others.

The update has added support for row-level and aggregate functions on data and is now able to push calculations down to the data source or accelerate it through Spark.

“By embedding Zoomdata into the CommProve QAsaR and QuantiQa NG products we’ve been able to add new insightful row-level calculations on detailed cellular call record data that enables even more sophisticated interactive data visualizations and analytics for our telecommunications customers,” said Jean-Luc Gianduzzo, COO at Commprove.

“In addition, the new dense dashboard capabilities have enabled us to build more information-rich dashboards to efficiently deliver data-driven insights to our customers”

Zoomdata has also added the ability to use a YARN managed Spark cluster of any size, enabling high-scale data fusions and in-cluster operations.

More interactivity is available on the dashboard, in the form of layout management and real-time visualizations of available real estate. A new command line interface and other formatting enhancements should make the Zoomdata experience much easier.

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