5 Killer Apps for Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing


Manufacturing has a very broad set of use cases for artificial intelligence including predictive maintenance, quality control, price forecasting, and more.

The potential of artificial intelligence in manufacturing is so limitless that it’s difficult to know where to start. AI is used to perform manufacturing and quality control, and can shorten design time, reduce materials waste, improve production and perform predictive maintenance.

The power of artificial intelligence is explored in a recent eBook, published by Sinequa, which explores the obstacles to fully leveraging AI in manufacturing, and steps to overcome them. “It’s like having a Lego set. Rather than having to build a house from scratch, you’re now building a house out of a Lego set which is a lot easier.” However, obstacles preventing AI deployments in manufacturing is “the same story as with other verticals – a lack of knowledge and qualified personnel.” the book’s authors state. “This problem is compounded by a lack of budget to fix the problem – investments in any new technology will inevitably lead to questions about ROI. And this is something that’s hard to estimate without proofs of concept already in place.”


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