Accenture Launches Management Engine SynOps


Accenture announced SynOps this week, an enterprise management “engine” that transforms an organization’s operations through AI and analytics.

Management consulting firm Accenture announced SynOps on Tuesday, an enterprise management “engine” that transforms an organization’s operations through artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics.

The platform utilizes Accenture’s 100,000 operations professionals, which includes data scientists and AI experts. These professionals will look for areas where AI deployment could make the business more flexible, agile, and responsive. Accenture has 3,400 automation solutions available, alongside 65 analytics apps and 40 AI advisors.

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Software bots and AI are starting to become embedded into the framework of many large organization’s operations. SynOps is able to define which tasks and roles are best suited for automation through data-based analytics, ensuring that the transition from human to robot does not result in a productivity loss.

“SynOps’ greatest value is in how it creates compound intelligence from emerging technologies powered by human expertise to deliver better insights, which lead to better-informed decisions, stronger outcomes — and results previously unimaginable,” said Nirav Sampat, group technology officer of Accenture Operations.

Accenture has integrated SynOps with the Insights Platform, with more than 100 preconfigured analytical and AI solutions available to deliver competitive advantages. All types of data can be leveraged by SynOps, including structured and unstructured data from cloud and non-cloud sources.

“For our clients, the key to delivering exceptional business impact — for speed to realized value, flexibility, and sustainable competitive advantage — is intelligent operations,” said Debbie Polishook, group chief executive of Accenture Operations. “SynOps will play an integral role in helping our clients in their journey to intelligent operations. SynOps ultimately showcases the art of the possible with how clients can now embrace innovation to drive new value — it is ‘the new’ applied now.”

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