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In this week’s real-time analytics news: The MLCommons Association announced datasets to advance innovation in machine learning research and commercial applications, and more.

Keeping pace with news and developments in the real-time analytics market can be a daunting task. We want to help by providing a summary of some of the items our staff came across each week. Here are some of the news items from this week:

The MLCommons Association announced the general availability of the People’s Speech Dataset and the Multilingual Spoken Words Corpus (MSWC). These datasets advance innovation in machine learning research and commercial applications. The People’s Speech Dataset is among the world’s largest English speech recognition datasets licensed for academic and commercial usage. The 30,000-hour supervised conversational dataset is an order of magnitude larger than what was available just a few years ago. Also available today is the Multilingual Spoken Words Corpus (MSWC), a rich audio speech dataset with more than 340,000 keywords in 50 languages with upwards of 23.4 million examples. Previous datasets relied on manual efforts to collect and validate thousands of utterances for each keyword and were commonly restricted to a single language.

Additionally, the MLCommons Association issued a call for participation in the new DataPerf benchmark suite, which measures and encourages innovation in data-centric AI.

Red Hat announced updates throughout its portfolio of application services. The modularity of the Red Hat Application Services portfolio contributes to a unified environment for application development, delivery, integration, and automation. The combination of the Quarkus platform with the connectivity capabilities of Apache Camel, the intelligent decisioning of Kogito, API management with Red Hat 3scale API Management, and the power of Red Hat OpenShift enables Java developers to fully embrace cloud-and Kubernetes-native development.

Sisense announced Sisense Notebooks, a new code-first functionality within Sisense Fusion Analytics that empowers data analysts with the tools they need to conduct advanced analysis using Structured Query Language (SQL) and Python. As part of the Sisense Fusion Platform 2012.12 release, Notebooks allows data analysts to conduct ad hoc analysis on disparate datasets within a single platform for in-depth analysis and BI that preserves data security and integrity.

Adapdix announced Adapdix EdgeOps, a software platform that combines autonomous control with distributed DataMesh technology to enable autonomous manufacturing. EdgeOps’ containerized architecture captures, stores, analyzes, and synchronizes data, delivering machine intelligence and autonomous control of advanced manufacturing environments. It improves latency, security, privacy, and cost, by bringing applications to your data as opposed to requiring you to move your data to the application.

Panzura launched Panzura Managed Migrations, a new service that manages and accelerates cloud data migration with dedicated engineering experts, start-to-finish implementation, and technical resources to quickly move data, applications, and workloads to the cloud. Panzura handles every stage of the data migration journey, providing a set of complementary and add-on services for all new and existing customers.

Tellius announced Live Insights, a new capability for users to quickly generate powerful data analysis within their cloud data warehouses. This new feature leverages the compute power of cloud data platforms for automated generation of advanced insights without requiring data to be extracted from these systems, fueling faster, better decision making.

Verizon and Google Cloud announced they are working together on 5G and edge computing. With Verizon 5G Edge with Google Distributed Cloud Edge, Verizon plans to bring Google’s compute and storage services to the edge enabling the bandwidth and low latency needed to support real-time enterprise applications.

Real-time analytics news in brief:

DataRobot announced DataRobot Core, an offering that broadens its AI Cloud platform for code-first data science experts. DataRobot also announced its latest platform release, extending the capabilities of AI Cloud for all users with broader and more sophisticated analytical capabilities for data scientists, enhanced decision intelligence, and new features to manage and scale operations in production. DataRobot 7.3 introduces over 80 new features and capabilities designed for all users to enable AI-driven decisions across all lines of business within a single platform.

Apptio announced a collaboration with Microsoft to deploy Apptio’s financial decisioning platform on the Microsoft Cloud to help enterprises migrate and optimize workloads. Apptio will use Dynamics 365 to ingest human capital management (HCM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and other financial and operational data sources into its cost and planning engine. announced that customers of Snowflake can now put workloads on autopilot with a single platform. Ascend’s Data Automation Cloud unifies the core capabilities—data ingestion, transformation, delivery, orchestration, and observability—into a seamless experience.

Continual announced its public beta launch. Continual enables modern data and analytics teams to build continually improving machine learning models directly on their cloud data warehouse without complex engineering. 

Tufin announced the release of the Tufin Security Policy Builder (SPB) App, the latest addition to the Tufin Marketplace. The new app automates the design of corporate security access policies across the hybrid environment, reducing the complexity and time it takes to create security policies from months to days.

Teradata announced a new set of analytic integration components for Dataiku. The new Teradata Plugins for Dataiku let analytics and data science teams that use Dataiku to implement a wide range of analytic functions within the Teradata Vantage data and analytics platform. The enhanced integration adds to the existing in-database options available when using Dataiku’s solution with Teradata.

MicroAI announced MicroAI Security to help protect critical assets, IoT devices, and industrial and manufacturing systems from cyber security intrusions. MicroAI Security mitigates attacks with an embedded AI algorithm that can detect, alert, and visualize cyber security intrusions in real-time and runs directly on edge and endpoint-connected devices.

OctoML announced the latest release of its Machine Learning (ML) Deployment Platform. The new release enables enterprises to automate the optimization, performance benchmarking, and deployment of production-ready ML models across a wide array of clouds, hardware devices, and ML acceleration engines.

Partnerships, collaborations, and more

Veritone announced a partnership with Snowflake where Veritone will integrate its aiWARE enterprise AI platform with Snowflake to transform unstructured data into insights and actionable intelligence. Through the partnership, Snowflake customers can now query and analyze all data within Snowflake’s platform or within aiWARE’s cognitively-enabled applications. Additionally, Veritone customers can access Snowflake’s Data Cloud and their partner ecosystem within aiWARE applications.

GitLab announced it has acquired Opstrace, an open-source observability distribution. GitLab anticipates that this acquisition will provide an out-of-the-box, tested, integrated observability platform deployed within the GitLab DevOps Platform.

Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, along with Xilinx, announced the publication of Ubuntu images optimized for Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ evaluation boards and the production-ready Kria System-on-Modules (SOM). The collaboration brings enterprise-grade Linux to the world of adaptive SoCs to accelerate the development of new software-defined devices across all IoT verticals.

Arturo announced a multi-year deal with Vave, an algorithmic underwriting managing general agent (MGA), to deliver property insurance intelligence that enables robust decision-making to understand and select the right risks in real-time. Through this strategic partnership, Arturo will serve as an additional source of intelligence, augmenting Vave’s rating algorithms with its own unique values.

ActZero announced a strategic partnership with Measured Analytics and Insurance. The partnership will enable businesses to protect themselves against emerging security threats with an integrated risk management approach.

APImetrics has partnered with Finextra Research to provide an open access dashboard monitoring the real-world performance of Open Banking, PSD2 payments, fintech, and crypto APIs. The monitoring dashboard is viewable at:

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