Advantage GPS Lights Up New AI-Powered Auto Analytics Risk Dashboard


Auto lenders can now view real-time analytics for key indicators used to monitor the health of their loan portfolios.

Business intelligence company Advantage GPS has launched a new automotive analytics risk assessment dashboard powered by AI. The new product is designed to help auto lenders monitor and protect their assets and high-risk loans.

It offers vehicle tracking and a payment reminder service that lets lenders pinpoint and assess risks in real-time. The company says it’s future proof, uses the most accurate GPS, and is specifically tailored to the vehicle finance department. Advantage GPS claims it helps lenders, dealers, and credit-challenged consumers.

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“Artificial Intelligence (AI) was built into the design of the Advantage GPS dashboard. It has the ability to recognize and group real-time data into risk categories, giving lenders an intelligent analytical overview of their risks,” said David Meyer, COO of Procon Analytics. “This is truly next generation stuff that goes way beyond pushing a big red locate button. Without antiquated legacy platforms holding us back, our team can focus developing tomorrow’s technology today.”

According to the company’s announcement, key features of the new dashboard include:

  • Warnings & custom-built alerts: Users will be instantly notified if a car battery is low or if a unit has not reported in recently.
  • Tamper proofing: The system sends an alert if a device has been tampered with or not installed properly/
  • Usage: Vehicle usage is monitored in real time, and alerts sent when usage is deemed excessive or commercial use is suspected.
  • Recovery
  • Automated impound notification
  • Groups: This feature helps dealers manage assets on multiple lots and financers that have loans with multiple dealers.
  • Advanced reporting metrics: Users can see the top 100 most recent vehicles to report in, data insights, and timestamps.

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