Kinetica and Nimbix Now Offer GPU Computing in the Cloud


The partnership will feature Tesla P100 GPUs that allegedly enable data sharing 5 to 10 times faster than traditional PCIe interconnects.

Kinetica, a provider of a GPU accelerated in-memory database, announced its real-time analytics and data visualization applications are now available on the Nimbix Cloud.

The applications offer data visualization and instant analysis for massive streaming datasets. Kinetica on the Nimbix Cloud can be deployed quickly and easily and provides businesses with GPU-accelerated analytics.

“Kinetica on the Nimbix Cloud harnesses the power of parallel GPUs to deliver real-time analytics and data written to Kinetica is automatically routed to parallel connections across the cluster,” said Amit Vij, cofounder and CEO, Kinetica.  “The full Kinetica stack can be provisioned with a couple of mouse clicks from the Nimbix console or launched and automated with JARVICE’s powerful task API.”

Customers can select from a variety of Nimbix Cloud systems with Intel x86 or IBM Power8 based processors. Nimbix says it is the only public cloud provider to feature NVIDIA’s latest generation Tesla P100 GPUs. The new GPUs come with NVLink, a high bandwidth but energy-efficient interconnect that enables data sharing at five to 10 times faster rates than traditional PCIe interconnects, the company stated. Nimbix Cloud machines are interconnected with 56Gbps FDR inifiniband for optimal performance.

“The IBM POWER8 NVLink server is ideally suited for databases and advanced analytic applications because the NVLink super-highway between the POWER8 CPU and the NVIDIA Tesla P100 Pascal GPU accelerator enables data to up to move 2.5x higher throughput from the system memory to the accelerator,” said Sumit Gupta, IBM vice president of high performance computing, AI and analytics. “The availability of Kinetica running on these POWER8 NVLink servers in the Nimbix cloud enables enterprises to quickly try the real-time analytics of the Kinetica accelerated database.”

Kinetica on the Nimbix Cloud is  available now here.


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