Alibaba Offers Cloud AI Anti-Coronavirus Technology


Available solutions include tools for epidemic prediction, CI image analytics, and genome sequencing for coronavirus.

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is offering its cloud-based artificial intelligence platform to medical professionals around the world, in the fight against coronavirus.

The platform has expert advice from Alibaba’s DAMO academy scientists and researchers from DingTalk. Medical workers will be able to talk to Chinese doctors who dealt with the virus in Wuhan, with Alibaba’s AI technology translating to 11 languages in real-time.

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It also has a number of solutions, which will be available for free for seven days, these include:

  • Epidemic prediction – This provides any city with estimates on the size, duration, and peak time and duration of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • CT Image analytics – Provides further accuracy and detection of coronavirus by deploying deep learning technology to scan test results.
  • Genome sequencing for coronavirus – As coronavirus spreads, it mutates slightly. This solution scans the virus’ genome, providing medical professionals with further diagnostics.

With China reporting fewer new cases and deaths than most of Europe and the United States, it has become a leader in solutions for the coronavirus epidemic. Several of the Chinese doctors from Wuhan have traveled to Italy to help lower the spread of the virus.

Alibaba has become a major supplier of coronavirus services, donating half a million test kits and one million masks to the United States. Its founder Jack Ma has also sent supplies to affected countries in Europe and Africa, stating in a tweet the need for international cooperation to fight the pandemic.

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