Analytics Ventures Launches Artificial Intelligence Venture


Dynam.AI is aimed at assisting companies from any industry and any size harness the potential of AI.

Analytics Ventures has launched Dynam.AI, a new company that assists organizations — regardless of size, industry, or development stage — to harness and maximize the potential of artificial intelligence. The  Analytics Ventures fund has committed to creating and building AI-focused venture companies.

The Dynam.AI team has created a suite of artificial intelligence tools and algorithms that companies worldwide can use for quick AI deployments.

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“Adopting AI and integrating it properly into business processes can be daunting. Many companies have access to data and are able to articulate a business need as it relates to their data. But they lack the talent or access to the right AI solutions to make it all come together,” says Dave Ferrell, president of Dynam.AI. “By introducing Dynam.AI to the marketplace, we’re connecting companies with proven, AI tools customizable for their business environments. Companies will greatly benefit from speed of delivery, cost efficiencies, reduction of project risk, and most importantly the most optimized results.”

Analytics Ventures founded the company because they believe AI lives in the core of the next industrial revolution. In fact, many businesses have begun to acknowledge AI’s value. A recent survey of over 3,000 business executives found that:

  • 75% believe new business opportunities benefit from AI
  • 85% think AI offers a competitive advantage
  • 50%+ admitted they lack an overall AI strategy

Dynam.AI hopes that by offering a team of data scientists, software engineers, UX designers, developers and researchers it can close that gap and lead more enterprises into the AI age.

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