Aquicore Updates Its IoT-Driven Commercial Real Estate Platform


Aquicore’s newest release includes new features for commercial real estate management, including tenant bill-back and user interface upgrades.

IoT-driven commercial real estate management solution provider Aquicore has released new features for its cloud-based commercial real estate asset management platform, Command Center. The new features include tools for equipment management and tenant bill-back in addition to enhancements to the platform’s user interface. The new features are designed to make it easier for property managers, building engineers and executives to get started on the company’s platform and integrate it into their daily operations.

Their Command Center is a comprehensive, portfolio-wide asset management platform that uses the IoT to collect real-time data from sensors, equipment, and meters in buildings. The data is used to provide insights on energy and water use, operations budgets, air quality and more. This allows users to make better decisions about operating costs and energy efficiency while improving asset value.

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“The features we added this quarter are all about creating a frictionless, intuitive experience for our users,” said Mike Donovan, vice president of product at Aquicore. “Engaged teams are far more likely to achieve success with Aquicore, and these updates help them work in the Aquicore platform in ways that feel easy and natural.”

According to the company’s website, key features include:

  • Equipment Inventory: An updated inventory function makes it possible to map building meters and equipment in the Aquicore platform to eliminate loose excel sheets and lost records, keeping a central system of record of what’s happening in each building.
  • Bill-Back Anomaly Detection: Nothing is more painful than a sent invoice that results in a concerned client. The platform’s new anomaly detection adds another layer of protection to the billing process by automatically double checking for accuracy.
  • Tenant Billing: Updated workflows make reading meters and creating, approving and sending bills to tenants a breeze every month. The new feature also supports all the complex leasing structures that vary from state to state.
  • Tenant Management: Improved transparency tools streamline communication with tenants by breaking down utility consumption in easy-to-read reports.
  • Fresh Look: A simplified design makes it easier to use the Aquicore platform with fewer clicks and provides a more consistent experience across the platform.

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