New Search-Based BI and Analytics for Enterprise


The update is designed to simplify natural language search on big data for improved BI.

Visual analytics software provider Arcadia Data will make new search-based BI and analytics available in its upcoming update of Arcadia Enterprise. The update will feature a “Google-like” search interface and enable users to get instant visual answers for deeper insights and improved real-time decision making.

The company designed this user-friendly update that has no learning curve. These tools offer better speed and agility than traditional BI tools. They will enable users to run searches with natural language questions. Search examples include:

  • What are sales by state in 2018 compared to 2017?
  • Show me the trend in storage device failure rates.

Simplicity matters. So does the expectation of powerful internet searches. “This new search-based BI capability strengthens our lead in building next-gen capabilities for business users. It also further underscores the possibilities of modern BI architectures and the value they create for today’s largest and most important businesses,” says Priyank Patel, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder, Arcadia Data.

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“Now, Arcadia Enterprise gives the capability of search to organizations tackling big data analytics and empowers their users with access to all of their data in a consumer-friendly, search-based fashion.”

New Search-Based BI Features

The new BI features include:

  • Guided Questions: AI-driven type-ahead and suggestion capabilities that recommend related questions of interest.
  • Ranked Answers: Arcadia Enterprise scores questions against all datasets in the system. It displays the best answer immediately, and also lists other possible answers with lower scores. The system learns based on the answers users click and modifies search responses accordingly.
  • Operationalized Insights: Now users can have their search and BI, too. Users can start with a simple search bar and then move into a detailed set of advanced BI interfaces to build and deploy data applications.

Arcadia Enterprise is designed to eliminate the need for extracts to a separate non-parallel set of BI servers. It works natively with Apache Hadoop, Amazon S3, Azure ADLS, Apache Kafka and Oracle, Teradata, Snowflake and Amazon Redshift.

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