Pizza Hut Slices Millions Off Energy Bill with IoT Solution


Pizza Hut expects an 18% reduction in average monthly energy usage between now and 2022 thanks to advanced IoT.

American West Restaurant Group, the third largest Pizza Hut franchise in the United States, announced it’s on track to save an estimated $2 million in energy costs and reduce their average monthly energy usage by 18% over the next 5 years. The company has adapted a new IoT solution for energy management.

In 2015, AWGR set a goal of reducing their monthly energy usage by 15% in a trial group of eight restaurants. The company partnered with EcoEnergy Insights, which developed an IoT solution that helped it reach that goal in 18 months.

AWGR added the rest of its franchises, continuing to work with EcoEnergy Insights which created a customized program for the group’s hundreds of restaurants.

EcoEnergy Insights’ Process

The company used its Cortix AI and IoT platform to deploy an energy management strategy at each restaurant. This approach yielded immediate results and laid a solid foundation for YOY savings and improved decision making. AWRG connected all restaurants to the EcoEnergy Insights Command Center for continuous benchmarking.

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AWRG recognized that its solution lay in advanced analytics rather than retrofitting restaurants. Potential modifications wouldn’t necessarily improve energy efficiency or decrease energy demand. The group chose a technology-based strategy that provided full restaurant visibility and accommodated operational dynamics.

“I’m pleased we’re working with EcoEnergy Insights – and that this engagement has been a recipient of the Environmental Leader award. EcoEnergy Insight’s advanced analytics are reducing our carbon footprint and elevating AWRG’s sustainable practices and social responsibility. We look forward to positive results through their platform and our synergies for years to come,” says AWRG President Jerry Ardizzone.

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