Philip Rathle

About Philip Rathle

Philip Rathle is Chief Technology Officer at Neo4j. He is focused on vision, evangelism, and cultivating executive relationships across the tech ecosystem. Additionally, he was the company’s first product leader for more than a decade, establishing Neo4j as a leading player in the modern database landscape and growing its offering from a single database product to a rich portfolio that includes the Neo4j graph database, data science & analytics, visualization, and tools & connectors. Philip is an early pioneer in customer data integration and previously led Product Management for Embarcadero Technologies, overseeing a portfolio of 10 database and developer products. As a consultant earlier in his career, Philip spent nearly a decade solving large-scale information processing problems for the Fortune 500, working at Tanning Technology and Accenture, with a focus on database, architecture, and data modeling. He is based in Silicon Valley.