Avnet Launches Cloud-Based IoT Platform


Avnet announced a new cloud-based IoT platform at CES 2018, along with a variety of connectivity solutions available via Microsoft Azure.

Avnet has announced the launch of its cloud-based IoT software platform and a collection of connectivity solutions aimed at helping organizations develop IoT products and services. The platform, dubbed IoTConnect, uses Microsoft Azure’s hybrid cloud computing for data analytics and distribution for both local and cloud storage systems.

Together, the new offerings can provide AI, machine learning, and cognitive and analytical solutions. The integration of IotConnect and Azure will allow users to deploy a wide array of applications and services using a variety of frameworks and tools.

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The company also announced the launch of a Sound Capture Platform in conjunction with Aaware. It’s designed to help Avenet’s MiniZed Zynq SoC development platform improve sound capturing performance for AI applications and is aimed at the robotics, IIoT, and smart home markets.

According to a recent article by Forbes, the IoT market is anticipated to grow from $157 billion in 2016 to $457 billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 28.5%. The IoT platform is anticipated to include billions of connected devices and systems, with applications ranging from sensors and mobile devices to home appliances and cars.

Avnet spent 2017 investing in embedded solutions, IoT, and digital platforms in an effort to expand its footprint. To that end, they announced a host of IoT services last month and have been creating partnerships and acquisitions, such as their partnership with AT&T and acquisitions of Dragon Innovation, Premier Farnell, and Hackster.io.

Both the IoTConnect platform and the voice interface technology will be showcased at The International Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2018, happening this week in Las Vegas.

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