Ayla Networks Announces LTE IoT Solutions


The Ayla device agent now supports any cellular/LPWAN protocol and includes the Qualcomm LTE IoT software development kit.

IoT platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider Ayla Networks has integrated its device agent software with the Qualcomm LTE IoT software development kit. Designed for use with the Qualcomm MDM9205 LTE IoT global multimode modem, the kit supports any cellular/ LPWAN protocol. IoT solutions built with the hardware can support connectivity to the Ayla IoT platform right out of the box.

Cellular Technology Enables Intelligent, Connected Solutions

The partnership benefits both Ayla and Qualcomm and the companies’ customers. Product manufacturers and service providers can use the new cellular IoT solution to explore new business vistas. The Qualcomm SDK addition may:

  • Improve asset tracking and tracing functions for various IoT segments
  • Support enhanced and new use cases with access to ultra-low power connectivity
  • Provide connectivity in areas that don’t easily support WiFi, like factories or remote operations

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The partnership will support the growth and development of innovative solutions that enhance productivity and save money. Using LTE IoT technologies improves enterprise solutions in supply chain optimization and asset tracing/ tracking. These solutions benefit global manufacturing and service companies.

The company’s device agent software is forward compatible with the recently announced Qualcomm® 9205 LTE IoT modem, which features a next-generation IoT chipset. The hardware will be available Q1 of 2019.

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