BioHiTech Global Sets Sail with Carnival Corp to Provide Analytics Platform


Along with analytics, the company will also provide its Revolution Series Digesters to help Carnival reach its goal of reducing food waste and carbon footprints.

Waste management solutions company BioHiTech has partnered with Carnival Corp. This partnership aligns with the global global trend of adopting more sustainable solutions. The popular cruise line will use BioHiTech’s waste management technology and analytics platform to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.

“We are excited to partner with the team at Carnival to assist in their ongoing efforts to reduce greenhouse gasses and achieve important sustainability goals,” says Frank E. Celli, BioHealth CEO. 

BioHealth uses smart technology — including the Revolution Series Digesters and cloud-based analytics — to help businesses reduce their environmental impact. The BioHiTech Cloud measures and analyzes food waste to determine volume and type. Data generates insights used to optimize supply orders and avoid waste.

The digesters will help safely dispose of food waste on-site; the real-time analytics platform will provide full visualization and transparency for the supply chain. Users can access the platform on a mobile device app for 24/7 access, or receive real-time alerts for:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Equipment visibility
  • Performance monitoring

The secure, scalable, flexible platform gives ships the ability to store highly detailed waste management data required to comply with environmental, health, and corporate regulations.

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