Boosting Intelligent Video Analytics with 5G and Edge


A new video analytics partnership is part of a growing 5G ecosystem capable of delivering artificial intelligence to the edge.

Video analytics is primed for growth. One factor that could greatly increase its viability is to marry the technology with 5G services.

A recent announcement made a move in that direction. Powered by the NVIDIA Metropolis AI-on-5G platform, Mavenir’s new MAVedge-AI offers intelligent video analytics. The approach can power a variety of use cases for enterprise-AI solutions designed to work over 5G networks. The solution works alongside an edge server with a converged accelerator, capable of handling truly big data volumes.

A next-level video analytics solution

MAVedge-AI leverages NVIDIA aerial software development, and a converged accelerator card that creates high-performance 5G RAN and AI applications. The platform will allow developers to optimize and manufacture solutions with next-level video analytics for uses in robotics, drones, autonomous devices, and wireless cameras.

It’s part of a growing 5G ecosystem capable of delivering AI to the edge. Other companies such as Softbank, with its new innovation lab, Foxconn, and L&T Technology services are supporting the partnership with network solutions and R&D.

The partnership will soon feature faster onboarding, thanks to the Mavenir construction kit. Users will find preconfigured NVIDIA Aerial and Metropolis Software stacks, Mavenir 5G RAN, 5G UPF Core and video analytics solutions, as well as O-RU from Foxconn. In addition, NVIDIA’s enterprise orchestration stack with Fleet Command offers the tools and services to ensure adoption happens smoothly.

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The new platform is coming

Customers will be able to get their hands on the NVIDIA stack this year. Mavenir also announced immediate access to an intelligent video processing solution backed by NVIDIA metropolis while the AI-on-5G or MAVedge-AI will arrive during the first quarter of 2022 if everything goes well.

Enterprises will be able to deliver new products and services over a more secure, faster network capable of managing the processing-intensive requirements of AI and video analytics. The partnership offers a viable solution for meeting the global demand for connectivity within 5G infrastructure.

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