Bruviti Launches AI-Driven IoT Field Services Solution


What happens when your flashy new IoT-enabled device needs field services?

What happens when your flashy new IoT-enabled machine breaks down?

Given the complexity of these state-of-the-art devices, OEMs are battling increasing costs for field services and support operations for millions of appliances installed in homes and businesses.

Bruviti, an AI-based IoT solutions company, recently launched products that connect IoT-enabled appliances and machines with the needs of engineering, support and service departments: Bruviti Predictive Suite and Bruviti IoT Core.

According to a release issued by the company, it costs on average $300 per truck roll for field service technicians to respond to a support ticket. There is also a greater need to carry a wide variety of costly spare parts.

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OEMs have also amassed volumes of theoretically helpful data, but it is of many different types (engineering, manufacturing, machine runtime, customer, call center, and field service), and also located in data silos that defy integration.

“OEMs are sitting on enormous volumes of historical data that is continually augmented in real time by IoT-powered online appliances and machines,” said Andy Chinmulgund, CEO of Bruviti. “With the Bruviti Predictive Suite of Applications, OEMs can now put this data to work and immediately power a range of core operational enterprise applications.”

Bruviti Predictive Suite equips OEMs with applications that leverage AI to transform support, service and IoT machine data into valuable operational insights that reduce MTTD and MTTR service costs and enable in-field equipment to predict which parts will fail.

Designed for manufacturers of home appliances, and commercial or industrial equipment, this integrated set of cloud-based software applications enables support and service organizations to slash operational costs, reduce truck rolls, and increase call-center effectiveness.

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