C3 IoT Teams Up with Intel to Launch AI Appliance


The firm is also joining the Intel AI Builders Program, to encourage adoption of shared AI platforms.

C3 IoT announced that it plans to join forces with Intel to jointly develop AI ad IoT devices, applications and services for the enterprise. The partnership will include an IoT AI appliance and a marketing program focused on AI and IoT application development.

C3 IoT also announced they are joining the Intel AI Builders Program, an Intel partner program that offers support and resources to help encourage the adoption of the company’s AI platforms. Together the two companies will offer the C3 IoT Platform, which will come preinstalled on the IoT AI Appliance. The appliance is fully stacked turnkey system for deep learning and machine learning development and comes with Microsoft Azure Stack.

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“Intel and C3 IoT are pushing the frontiers of AI-driven solutions to empower private and public sector organizations to uncover valuable and actionable insights by analyzing massive amounts of data in increasingly scalable ways,” said Naveen Rao, Intel Corporate VP and GM, Artificial Intelligence Products Group. “Whether our joint customers are solving highly complex business challenges across industry sectors, advancing scientific research or more accurately predicting events and human behavior – Intel and C3 IoT are enabling customers to innovate faster.”

The C3 IoT AI Appliance is ideal for accelerating predictive analytics, machine learning, AI and deep learning solutions and offers scale and flexibility to make solving problems like real-time fraud detection, asset training and video and image analytics simpler and faster.

The appliance is available now for enterprises that are looking for private or hybrid cloud and edge computing solutions and is designed for use in a vast array of industries including mining, defense, manufacturing, oil and gas, financial, utilities and aerospace. It’s specifically optimized for companies that need top of the line security and privacy and/or must meet strict regulatory conditions. The included IoT platform can run in the cloud or on site.

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