CaSA and mnubo Partner for Smart Homes


Companies will collaborate on residential demand response.

Having residential appliances shut off when electric grids need to lower energy consumption – a feature known as “demand response” – is a huge business opportunity. It’s also the idea behind a partnership between energy management company CaSA and IoT data analytics company mnubo.

The two companies announced on April 27 that they have created a partnership designed to bring real-time analytics to the electricity management market. The partnership will integrate mnubo’s IoT analytics platform with CaSA’s line of smart thermostats, water heaters, and other connected appliances and smart apps. This will allow the data those devices generate to be used for insights to optimize energy consumption, both companies stated. This will help consumers lower their energy bills and utilities better handle demand.

“We are extremely excited to be working with CaSA’s team in enabling efficient Energy Demand Response systems. CaSA’s Caleo thermostats and water heater controllers are unique products that generate an impressive amount of data.  It’s a privilege to bring our expertise to such a key sector” stated Frederic Bastien, CEO of mnubo, in the announcement.

CaSA says there is a lot of energy stored in residential appliances and that it can be used to offset peak demand on the grid. For example, Natural Resources Canada has determined that just two hours of Quebec’s peak winter demand, which is an estimated 39 GW, is enough to provide space and water heating in all of Canada.

CaSA already uses mnubo’s platform for its Caleo Smart Thermostat. The smart home platform for connected appliances provides insights on customer behavior as well as object data, such as predictive maintenance of equipment. The platform also includes security scoring, based on factors such as the neighborhood crime rate and behavioral patterns such as how often doors are opened or left unlocked.


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