TCS Empowers Intelligent Data Lake via Timely AWS Link

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TCS debuted its Connected Intelligence Data Lake for Business platform on the AWS marketplace this week.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) debuted its Connected Intelligence Data Lake for Business platform on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace this week.

The data lake captures all types of disparate data and pools them into a central Hadoop repository. Business users can then generate analytics and insights from the data, through an easy-to-use drag and drop interface.

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The platform is powered by TCS’ Connected Intelligence Platform, developed for businesses of all sizes to leverage data from internal, Internet of Things (IoT) and third-party sources.

“Getting customer-centric initiatives powered by big data launched quickly is a business imperative for all companies,” said Seeta Hariharan, General Manager and Group Head, Digital Software & Solutions Group, TCS.

“Our Connected Intelligence Data Lake for Business simplifies the process by rendering the complex underlying technology invisible to business and IT users, empowering them to take a more hands-on approach, build their own analytics and potentially identify new use cases for digital transformation.”

The Data Lake platform is perfect for non-technical users, as most of the operations can be utilized on the low-code, drag-and-drop interface. TCS has also made the software open for developers, allowing them to choose their own data visualization tools for better clarity and consistency.

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