CIO Strategy Council Plans Security Standards for IIoT Devices in Utilities


The council was awarded an $818,000 grant by Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, to assist them in producing cyber security standards for the IIoT in the utility sector.

Canada views cybersecurity as an increasing concern, and its government continues to take steps to safeguard its citizens, information, economy, and infrastructure.

Cybersecurity risks pose severe risks to the utility industry where power grid disruptions can result in widespread chaos. Earlier this year, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, Seamus O’Regan, announced the country’s investment of $818,000 to strengthen threat security and response in the energy sector.

The investment will fund the development of technology and standards designed to help the industry predicts, prevent, detect and respond to threats and anomalies.  

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The CIO Strategy Council will create a set of cybersecurity standards for the Internet of Industrial Technology (IIoT) in the utility sector. The IIoT includes machinery, infrastructure, sensors and devices that collect, exchange and analyze data to improve operating efficiency, manufacturing processes and industrial operations.

“Improving the cyber security of critical infrastructure in Canada requires careful planning and working with the federal government on leading the development of globally accepted standards and conformity assessment programs for IIoT devices, their supply chains, and for installed systems using these devices to address significant vulnerabilities in securing our critical infrastructure,” said Keith Jansa Executive Director, CIO Strategy Council.

Canada will also work with partners to identify security risks and on solutions to prevent and mitigate them. The country wants to become a leader in globally accepted security standards and certification programs.

“The security of Canadians and our critical infrastructure is paramount. Cyber attacks are becoming more common and dangerous. That’s why we are supporting this innovative project to protect the Canadian electricity sector.” Seamus O’Regan, Minister of Natural Resources.

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