Cisco Adds Cloud-Native Tools to Observability Platform

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Cisco has added cloud-native resources to its full-stack observability platform, alongside business risk analysis.

Cisco has added support for cloud-native resources to its Full-Stack Observability platform, providing customers with ways to connect observability to insights, intelligence, and security tools. 

Some of the key vendors available on Cisco’s Full-Stack Observability platform include ThousandEyes Internet Insights, Talos threat intelligence, AppDynamics business-transaction monitoring, Panoptica API security, and Kenna’s Risk Meter score. Cisco’s platform is built on an OpenTelemetry back-end, which makes it easier to link with other platforms and tools. 

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In addition to access to cloud-native tools, Cisco has also integrated its Business Risk Observability platform into the Full-Stack Observability. Customers are now able to receive scoring from the business risk tool on resources such as containers, Kubernetes, APIs and serverless functions. 

“An organization’s ability to quickly assess risks based on potential business impact, align teams and triage threats is entirely dependent on understanding where vulnerabilities exist, the severity of those risks, the likelihood they will be exploited, and the risk to the business of each issue,” said Ronak Desai, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cisco Full-Stack Observability and AppDynamics. 

“This business risk observability can help IT professionals understand and prioritize those risks and is uniquely delivered by Cisco. The availability of Cisco Secure Application on the Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platform is a critical next step in our commitment to providing customers with the tools they need to deliver unmatched and secure digital experiences across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.”

Cisco is hoping that its strength in the security world will make up for it being a latecomer in the observability market. From its latest announcement, it is clear that partners are willing to work with it to improve the company’s product, although some say it is still behind leaders such as New Relic, Datadog, and Dynatrace. The acquisition of Splunk, announced last week, should give the security giant even more headway into this market and cybersecurity in general. 

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