Cloudera Builds Out for Machine Learning, Analytics, and Cloud


Cloudera says the goal of the new units is to increase innovation and help their customers transform their most complex data into actionable insights.

Cloud-based machine learning and analytics platform provider Cloudera, Inc. announced the creation of three new business units that will focus on their machine learning, cloud and analytics initiatives. The company says the goal of the additional resources and organizational structure is to increase innovation, accelerate their machine learning and analytics offerings, and assist their customers in transforming their complex data into actionable insights.

“By creating these new business units, we will accelerate our momentum and extend our leadership in these areas while building on the incredible platform we’ve developed over many years. This focus bolsters our ability to deliver on our vision: helping customers grow, connect, and protect using machine learning, analytics, and cloud,” said Tom Reilly, Cloudera’ CEO. “Hilary, Anupam, and Vikram were selected for these positions based on their backgrounds and track records. Their leadership is expected to drive business unit goals in furtherance of our overall corporate objectives.”

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The new teams will build on the foundation set by the technologies Cloudera has introduced over the past year, including their acquisition of Fast Forward Labs, the launch of Cloudera Data Science Workbench, and the availability of their first data warehouse cloud service, Cloudera Atus Analytics DB in addition to their breakthroughs such as their multi-function, multi-cloud machine learning and analytics Platform-as-a-Service, Cloudera Altus and Cloudera Shared Data Experience, a framework that brings all their offerings together, making data apps easier to develop, less costly to deploy and more secure.

The company named three general managers to run the new units: Hilary Mason, GM, Machine Learning; Anupam Singh, GM, Analytics; and Vikram Makhija, GM, Cloud.

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