Cloudwick Teams Up with Pepperdata for Improved AWS Cloud Migration


Pepperdata will provide Cloudwick with the tools needed to diagnose any issues that arise during AWS cloud migration, and assesses performance after the move.

Big data application performance management provider Pepperdata and digital business services and solutions provider Cloudwick have joined forces to provide a new service for enterprises migrating to Amazon Web Services.

Pepperdata will provide Cloudwick with the tools necessary to diagnose any issues that may arise during migration and assess performance after it is completed. It will also give Cloudwick a baseline of on premise performance and map workloads to optimal static and on-demand instances. The goal is to ensure the same or improved performance and SLAs.

“The biggest challenge for enterprises migrating big data to the cloud is ensuring SLAs are maintained without having to devote resources to entirely re-engineer applications,” said Ash Munshi, Pepperdata CEO. “Cloudwick and Pepperdata ensure workloads are migrated successfully by analyzing and establishing a metrics-based performance baseline.”

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Pepperdata will be installed on Cloudwick’s customers’ existing, on-premises clusters and will automatically collect over 350 real-time data points from applications and resources including over 350 real-time operational metrics from applications and infrastructure resources, including CPU, RAM, disk I/O, and network usage metrics from every job, task, user, workflow, queue and host.

The installation takes less than 30 minutes and the data collected will be used to generate insights that can be used to map workloads and project costs. When the AWS migration is completed those same insights can be used to assess performance and migration success.

“Migrating to the cloud without looking at the performance data first is risky for organizations and if a migration is not done right, the complaints from lines of business are unavoidable,” said Mark Schreiber, General Manager for Cloudwick. “Without Pepperdata’s metrics and analysis before and after the migration, there is no way to prove performance levels are maintained in the cloud.”

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