New Read: Denodo Rolls Out Data Virtualization Primer


Data virtualization leader Denodo has published an eBook, titled Data Virtualization for Dummies, for business leaders looking into the technology.

Data virtualization, the catch-all term for the “virtual” data layer that collects from disparate sources, locations, and formats into a unified service, is in high demand from organizations looking for data efficiencies.

But as more non-traditional technology companies look into virtualization, it is handy to have a good understanding of what it means and if it’s useful to every organization.

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That’s where Denodo’s Data Virtualization For Dummies can come in handy. The eBook explains why data virtualization is necessary, some of the use cases, and how organizations can get started with the data management system.

The eBook also covers many of the false assumptions of what data virtualization is and how it can benefit and organization. The writers take a very measured approach to explain the enhancements and limitations, which is useful in an industry known for its buzzwords and hyperbole.

Denodo is one of the leaders in data virtualization and has worked with Amgen, AutoDesk, Vodafone, Seagate, Festo, and SwissRe. In the book, Denodo takes use cases from its work with real companies, showing how data virtualization works in the real world.

Want to read the eBook? Get it here:

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