Survey: Embedded Analytics Enhances App Experience, Increase Adoption


Embedded analytics enhance the overall app experience and increase end-user adoption, according to a survey by Logi Analytics.

Embedded analytics enhance the overall app experience and increase end-user adoption, according to a survey by Logi Analytics, published in the company’s annual State of Embedded Analytics Report.

Alongside improvements to app experience and user adoption, 92 percent saw improvements in competitive differentiation, 95 percent said it helped increase revenue, 68 percent said they are able to charge more for their product, and over 50 percent reported a reduced number of ad-hoc requests.

All of this cumulates to customers spending more time and money on apps with embedded analytics and freeing up development resources to other areas of the business.

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“The value of embedded analytics in applications is undeniable,” said Steven Schneider, CEO, Logi Analytics. “In an increasingly competitive software market, embedded analytics helps businesses differentiate their products and drive customer satisfaction. This year’s State of Embedded Analytics Report revealed how important embedded analytics is to the success of mission-critical applications.”

Logi Analytics looked at the benefits of both building and buying an embedded analytics solution, and came to the conclusion that small and mid-sized companies should look at a combined approach. 71 percent of respondents which chose a combined solution reported improved user experience, compared to 55 percent that built their own.

“Embedded analytics has grown from an optional add-on to a foundational requirement for applications,” said Brian Brinkmann, Vice President of Product Marketing, Logi Analytics. “Innovative businesses have an opportunity to lead their markets by evolving analytics even further and going beyond basic features. As shown in this year’s State of Embedded Analytics Report, companies delivering sophisticated analytics capabilities are better able to increase revenue, differentiate their products, and reduce customer churn than those only offering basic features.”

You can read the full report here.

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