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In this week’s real-time analytics news: Dell Technologies and Starburst partnered to develop a data virtualization solution that offers “one-stop-shop for finding needles in multi-cloud haystacks.”

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Dell Technologies has developed a data virtualization solution in partnership with Starburst that eliminates data silos to enable fast querying of data sources on-premises and in the cloud. Thanks to the partnership, dubbed a “one-stop-shop for finding needles in multi-cloud haystacks,” businesses can identify the data that is most valuable for the organization to centralize. The solution makes use of Starburst’s ability to query data across any database. Additionally, the solution utilizes Dell Technologies’ software-driven storage designed to manage data at scale without compromising performance, including PowerEdge servers and ECS object storage.

Ably announced the Ably Terraform provider. Developed in partnership with HashiCorp, the new offering gives access to Ably APIs that make it easier for developers to provision, manage, and test real-time architectures using infrastructure as code (IaC). Using the Ably Terraform provider, developers can automate manual and repetitive operations such as creating, configuring, or deleting Ably apps; enumerating queues; creating rules; and carrying out other tasks that take a great deal of time.

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C3 AI announced the launch of the C3 Generative AI Product Suite with the release of its first product — C3 Generative AI for Enterprise Search. The new solution offers a natural language interface to rapidly locate, retrieve, and present all relevant data across the entire corpus of an enterprise’s information systems. The C3 Generative AI Product Suite integrates the AI capabilities from organizations such as Open AI, Google, and academia, and models, such as ChatGPT and GPT-3, into C3 AI’s enterprise AI products.

Confluent announced new Confluent Cloud capabilities that help organizations easily build a secure, shared services platform for data streaming. With Confluent’s newly added OAuth support, Cloud Client Quotas, and expanded Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC), businesses can unlock more real-time innovation and widespread access to data streaming without worrying about degrading application performance, increasing costs, or introducing new operational burdens.

Real-time analytics news in brief

ABBYY announced new enhancements with the release of ABBYY Timeline 6.0. The solution helps organizations achieve the highest levels of operational excellence that improve employee productivity and customer experiences while accelerating profitability goals. The solution offers a unified platform that includes process mining, task mining, and process simulation. And it identifies automation opportunities and builds new optimized processes up to 80% faster, according to the company.

Jellyfish launched Life Cycle Explorer, a new solution that identifies bottlenecks in the life cycle of engineering work to help teams adapt workflow processes and more effectively deliver value to customers. Jellyfish Life Cycle Explorer gives teams the ability to identify the root cause of slowdowns and bottlenecks by tracking issues through Jira workflows and categorizing the work effort as either refinement, work, review, or deployment. The new solution calculates the amount of time an issue spends in each workflow stage, maps this process visually, and highlights performance trends over time. formally launched with Devbox Cloud, a managed service offering for Devbox. Devbox lets developers define development environments by declaring which tools they want to use once. It then perfectly recreates those environments locally every time. Devbox Cloud makes it possible for developers to share those environments with others who want to use them and spins up those environments as isolated virtual machines in the cloud. 

New Relic launched a change-tracking solution that gives engineering teams complete visibility into any change events from across the entire stack. Engineers can now track any change – from deployments to configuration changes to business events – from any source in context of their performance data to troubleshoot fast and improve deployment efficiency. This latest addition to the platform’s 30+ capabilities gives engineers the context to quickly understand the impact of changes, take action to fix problems fast, and improve overall deployment efficiency.

Onehouse announced a new feature, Onetable, that advances its vision for easier, cheaper, and faster data lakes. Onetable lets users take advantage of all the scale, interoperability, and cost benefits of data lakehouses built on the popular Apache Hudi open-source project while fully leveraging native performance accelerations in Databricks and Snowflake.

Red Hat introduced new security and compliance capabilities for Red Hat OpenShift, its enterprise Kubernetes platform. The new features, available with the general availability of Red Hat OpenShift 4.12, are designed to help organizations more efficiently scale workloads across the hybrid cloud without compromising security. announced that it will begin shipping its Palette software platform for complete ML stack development. Powered by’s Machine Learning System on Chip (MLSoC) silicon, the all-in-one developer platform supports any ML workflow customers plan to deploy on the edge without compromising performance and ease of use.

Varonis Systems announced the launch of Proactive Incident Response. With this new offering, Varonis significantly reduces the pressure on customers’ security operations teams and improves their ability to prevent data breaches. As part of their Varonis SaaS subscription, customers gain a global team of experienced incident response analysts who watch for suspicious activity, investigate alerts, and notify the customer of potential incidents.

Partnerships, collaborations, and more

Clumio announced its integration with AWS CloudTrail Lake to simplify and streamline the process of consolidating activity data. This was achieved through the newly launched PutAuditEvents API, allowing for the capture of user activity information and events from the Clumio environment alongside the AWS systems that organizations are protecting with Clumio. Once the integration is enabled, organizations can capture and store audit activity across various categories. This will allow them to easily answer many security and compliance-related questions across various categories.

Daasity announced that it has launched ELT+ for Commerce, Powered by Snowflake. ELT+ for Commerce will benefit customers by enabling consumer brands selling via eCommerce, Amazon, retail, and/or wholesale to implement a full or partial data and analytics stack. Building the solution on Snowflake allows Daasity to leverage Snowflake’s platform to help joint customers extract, load, transform, analyze, and operationalize their data. As such, businesses only need one platform that includes Snowflake to manage their entire data environment.

Dremio and Privacera announced their latest integration, expanding advanced data governance and security capabilities for customers building modern data applications on top of data lakehouses. The enhanced integration provides new capabilities for our joint customers that ensures performance and scalability, leverages advanced data security and governance capabilities, and applies consistent policy management across Dremio and most hybrid and multi-cloud data sources.

InVisory announced it has acquired GTM Guides. InVisory has more than 1,000 monthly active users and more than 20 ISVs and consulting firm customers since its product launched 60 days ago. The acquisition enhances InVisory’s ability to help Salesforce Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and certified consulting firms increase their lead generation and brand awareness and better align with target customers.

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Precisely announced it has acquired Transerve, a location intelligence and data provider with expertise in spatial data handling, processing, and analysis. With the acquisition, Customers in industries such as banking, insurance, telco, government, retail, and real estate will benefit from a completer and more contextual picture of data that informs decision-making, including, but not limited to, market potential, risk assessment, site selection and optimization, and more.

Radiant Logic announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Brainwave GRC. Together, Radiant Logic and Brainwave GRC address a broad set of identity use cases, and the acquisition accelerates the companies’ shared vision of an Identity Data Fabric that uses the science of data to ensure the right information is in place to make the right policy decisions.

Red Hat and Oracle announced a multi-stage alliance to offer customers a greater choice of operating systems to run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The strategic collaboration starts with Red Hat Enterprise Linux running on OCI as a supported operating system, improving the experience for organizations that rely on both OCI and Red Hat Enterprise Linux to fuel digital transformation and migration of mission-critical applications to the cloud.

In other Red Hat news, it announced the availability of the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on Google Cloud, providing a common and flexible IT automation solution that extends from the cloud to the data center and out to the edge. Delivering the Ansible Automation Platform on Google Cloud gives IT teams easier access to a familiar IT automation framework already integrated with their operations, enabling them to start automating more quickly at scale across the entire IT ecosystem.

SAP SE and Red Hat announced an expanded partnership to significantly increase SAP’s use of and support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Building on a long-standing collaboration, SAP is steadily migrating part of its internal IT landscape and the SAP Enterprise Cloud Services portfolio onto the standard foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. As part of its migration road map, SAP is boosting support for the RISE with SAP solution using Red Hat Enterprise Linux as the preferred operating system for new RISE with SAP solution deployments.

Snow Software announced a new global partner program designed to enable partners to support customers as they face market challenges around managing cost and mitigating risk while delivering value more efficiently and effectively with Snow. The new program aims to create new opportunities for partners to tap into the technology intelligence market.

Spectra Logic announced a partnership with Wasabi Technologies to integrate Wasabi cloud storage with its Spectra Vail unified data management solution. With the integration, Spectra Vail customers can take advantage of Wasabi’s low-cost storage service, with no fees for egress or API requests, to further optimize data storage costs and accessibility across cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

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