Ericsson Connects Swisscom’s 5G Radio Access Network to Cloud


The transport network will increase capacity, enable extreme low latency and 5G industrial use cases.

Swiss telecommunication giant Swisscom has chosen Ericsson to deliver an end-to-end radio access network (RAN) for the next-generation of wireless networking.

The transport network will utilize Ericsson’s Router 6000 portfolio and Juniper Networks 5G core routing portfolio. According to Ericsson, the transport network will increase capacity, enable extreme low latency and 5G industrial use cases.

The delivery of an end-to-end transport network solution, which runs from the radio stations to the data centers, gives

Swisscom more granular control over its network. The telecommunications provider is now able to control management and orchestration.

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“We have selected Ericsson’s transport solution for our 5G network. Partnering with Juniper Networks, Ericsson has extended its transport coverage and can now take end-to-end transport responsibility all the way from the Radio Access Network (RAN) to the core,” said Heinz Herren, CIO and CTO at Swisscom. “Seamlessly managed and orchestrated, this reduces our complexity and affords a more efficient, high-performing network.”

The Router 6000 portfolio is built for scalability, which is necessary in the case of Swisscom’s 5G commercial rollout, planned to begin in 2019. The portfolio also has advanced security and operational efficiency improvements.
“Ericsson has stepped up and taken responsibility for transport,” said Arun Bansal, Senior Vice President and Head of Ericsson in Europe & Latin America. “This deal is an important proof point for the end-to-end 5G transport solutions that we recently launched. The ease of use of our one-stop shop reduces not only the complexity for Swisscom but also their total cost of ownership.”

Ericsson announced last month a deepening of its partnership with Juniper Networks, now a core partner for 5G and networking solutions.

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